Mummy’s time with Baby Gillian

May 2014

(Here’s Gillian trying to do her Father’s Day card for E.)

Before the summer holidays, I have been having more Mummy’s time with Gillian. Previously, I brought Gillian to a number of playgroups weekly. It was nice to meet up fellow mummies and to have Baby Gillian socialise with other toddlers. However, somehow, one day, I came to a realisation that I should spend more time with Gillian while Ryan was in school. It was the perfect time for me to bond with her without any disturbances. So, for at least a good 3 weeks, we had a routine of going to just one playgroup a week and spending the rest of the free time together alone at home.



During the short an hour or so, I read to her, watched her pretend play, shared snacks with her and sang to her. She is starting to be more alert and responsive.

At 1 year, 4 months:

1. She is able to accurately call family members, “Ma Ma”, “Mummy”, “Dad Dad”, “Don Don(Gong Gong)”, “Yi Yi”, “Tiu Tiu(Jiu Jiu)”, “Tor Tor(Gor Gor)”, “Nai Nai”.

2. She is able to sound out words that I ask her to when we are reading. (E.g. Purple, Black, Brown, Dile(Crocodile), Puppy, Cat, Dog, Pig).

3. She nods her head when she wants something and uses the word “不要” when she does not want something.

4. She is able to say, “bread”, “read”, “baby”, “I am done”, “more” and a few more other phrases appropriately.






5. She is quite kinesthetic- she is able to climb the ladders of slides and walk/run relatively well by the time she was 13 months. No kidding. I suppose it is a second child syndrome. She copies Ryan quite a bit. She is quite a daredevil and has very little fear in trying out anything new. Hmm…

6. As of now, she has 4 front teeth, 2 bottom teeth and 2 more growing at the back. She loves eating and snacking.

7. She is still breastfeeding.






8. She loves the doll that Ma Ma bought for her. E got her a baby pram and bottle for her little doll. Sometimes, we have pretend tea parties with the other soft toys.



9. She loves playing with cars as well. Probably influenced by her brother.


10. She understands instructions quite well. (E.g. Can you bring this to the laundry?, Can you pass me the bottle?, Please feed milk to Baby., Do you want some bread?) She is able to understand rights from wrongs but sometimes, she just loves to test out the limits. Whenever she does something wrong, she will give me a sheepish yet endearing grin… *sighs*


Children… they just grow up too fast. Wayy too fast.



One thought on “Mummy’s time with Baby Gillian

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi there
    Love the playroom! May I ask where you bought your toy rack (with the red, yellow, blue compartments) and table?

    Thank you!

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