Oh…it is the Summer of 2014!

June 2014




We were invited to Casper’s house for some afternoon water play.
The children went wild in the garden while the adults just “chilled” under the sun.


Summer have arrived and everyone is having fun under the sun. Unlike Singaporeans, these people in London love basking in the sun. Well forget the SK2, I have no choice to be under the sun as well since I have to chase after the kids. Right now, I am like at least three shades darker than before and I am not exaggerating. Ryan has inherited the 白斬雞 (white chicken) genes from his father. Both boys are as fair as day. Alas, Baby Gillian gets as tanned as me. 😦

WHYYYYY??!!! (The saving grace would be being tanned is very fashionable here. Hmm…)



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