Emile’s Second!

July 2014

We went over to Casper’s place for Emile’s second birthday. The children were entertained by the inflatable wading pool while munching on chips and fruits.



Ryan’s ex-classmate, Casper.


Here’s Gillian with one of her favourite friend, Janiah.



Here’s Gillian in her new swimwear from Mothercare. The old one got spoilt because E dumped it, along with my bikini in the washing machine. The colour went all wonky for out swimwear. 😦 Gillian’s replacement swimwear looks slightly big but I suppose she will grow into it soon.


Everytime I go to Mariya’s house, I am so tempted to get a house with a small garden. I mean, it is so lovely to have the children in the garden on days when we do not want to go out. But, as of now, we need to actively look on the internet for something that is suitable for our needs.


This beautiful cake was baked by Mariya, Casper’s mummy. This cake was prepared without butter because the butter ran out. Quick thinking Mariya replaced cream for butter and it worked out wonderfully. Moist and tasty!


The whole afternoon was spent at the party and the kids were so exhausted that they went to bed pretty early that Saturday! 🙂



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