Hewitts Farm

July 2014

The Singaporean group planned for a farm trip to Garson’s Farm on one of the July weekends. However, according to the forecast, the weather appeared to be rather gloomy. In the end, location was changed to Hewitts Farm, just slightly outside Kent. It was the first fruit farm trip for our family and the kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Or so I think.


There was a wide variety of fruits and vegetables for ‘Pick Your Own’ and they also have a large selection for sale in their farm shop. Plucking your strawberries were fun for the first 15 minutes before it becomes quite a back breaking job. It is a sign that I am turning 30 and I am no cool yogini, I am a mother, plagued by back pains and aches. *sigh*


Weather was cool, with occasional short showers. Thankfully, the weather held up for most part of the journey.
I am not sure how most families work but I prefer to bring the children out. It seems that we tend to pay more attention to them when we are outside. As much as we want the children to not watch television at home, it also means that either the parents have to entertain them or the children happen to have the ability to play alone quietly.

In the case of our family, it is quite unfortunate that E(and I) are quite addicted to technology and sometimes, it is easier to switch on the television. I know there are many great parents out there judging our parenting skills. Truth is, we are really not the best parents. But, we really try. It is not easy. So, there you go, the truth.





This is Ryan, looking pretty chuffed. The trip to Hewitts’ Farm was a very authentic experience for Ryan. What Ryan used to know about plucking of fruits was from the show I Can Cook, but I think the whole process of doing it for himself was interesting and refreshing.


Me with my precious little ones.







This is actually one of the better taken family photos of us. I mean, at least it showed 85% of everyone’s faces. Ryan’s mouth and chin were blocked by the strawberries. E and I are smiling. Gillian is looking in the camera. It would be better if she smiled as well. Picture is pretty centralised, with no noise in the background. I am easy to please. By the way, it was taken by TC! Thanks TC!!!


Hewitt’s Farm also have a shop that sells the usual of fruits, vegetables, eggs and juice. Very reasonably priced compared to Waitrose. I thought the items were pretty fresh as well. E and I bought some pear juice from the shop and it was really nice.

I think we spent at least 2 hours just walking around the farm and the only fruits we plucked were the strawberries. Strawberries were in season and looked fantastic. The weirdest thing that happened that fruit farm trip was that E forgot to bring the stroller home. I am not kidding. It is quite incredulous especially when the stroller is relatively a big object. (Can you imagine if we forgot to bring Ryan or Gillian home! Omg… We must be more careful!) Thankfully, TC’s famly spotted and got it back for us. Thank you!!!



We had lunch at Burger King before going to TC’s place to chill for the entire afternoon. Dinner was at this Portuguese restaurant called Villa Moura. We also celebrated Cecilia and Noah’s birthday with a delicious, moist cake from Hummingbird. Very very good day, I must say. There was farm, fruits, food, friends and cake. Awesome cake to end the day. What more can anyone want?











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