Lucia’s Summer Birthday!

July 2014

Summer in London is beautiful. After months of the wet and cold weather, having the sun out is a warm welcome. We attended a number of birthday parties in Summer and I must say, they were amazing.


The children were invited to one of our neighbour’s birthday at Greenwich Park. It was a lovely afternoon and Laura prepared a glorious spread for everyone!


Our little princess was definitely enjoying the food. She was eating throughout the birthday party.



Here’s our Ryan and the lovely birthday girl, Lucia.



The children had so much fun at the sandpit and the playground. Kids, being kids, that will be close to how heaven should be like for them. While the adults were just munching on the food, the children ran wild and free!





(Me, with the Spanish mummies. I took this photo with my phone as my camera had to breakdown for the second time. Of all times…)

The party ended in the evening and thankfully E came over to help me with the children. With the weather turning slightly cold now(it is just early August), looking at all these photos in July makes me miss the nice, comfortable weather. Ohwells. I am a true-blue Singaporean. I complain too much, all the time. Heehee.



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