Baking Session!

August 2014

We went for a family activity and it was a baking session. The children got an opportunity to bake cookies. So, it meant making the dough, rolling the dough, cutting with cookie cutters and designing their cookies with icing. So much fun for them. So much cleaning up for the adults.





Some play time before the baking session started. In fact, the session started off with a story telling of Mr Gumpy’s Outing by the facilitator.


Baking time!




Here’s Ryan and his ex-classmate, Christian. They have been spending quite some time together during the summer.



Kids love anything like play dough. When I get the children to bake cookies at home, it is never this messy. It would be something from the box and all they needed to do was to add some water, melted butter and mix everything in the bowl. The children got to the real thing during this session- the kneading of dough, the rolling of dough. Very exciting for them. Trust me.





Follow up activity at home:


This is what we baked last week on our quiet day at home. It was mainly from the box that I bought from Poundland. Slightly too sweet for me. But I suppose it is not too bad when you share it with your neighbours. Heehee.



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