Fun at Mudchute Farm

August 2014

The summer holidays is still ongoing. This meant that I have to constantly find activities to do with the children. One of our favourite places to go would be Mudchute Farm and Park. The children love the farm animals. So, it would be a good idea to bring along a huge bag of carrots for feeding the animals. I prefer

As it was the school holidays, mudchute farm have also stipulated a small play area for the younger children. There was messy play, water play, small trikes and drawing materials at the corner of the farm.


Here is Ryan on the red trike. I am actually surprised that he knows how to cycle it. He must have learnt how to do it in school.


Our little princess who is very independent when it comes to play.






Drawing with chalk. It kept them well entertained for 15 minutes before we went to feed the animals.


Feeding the animals



Sometimes, I really wonder if Ryan and Gillian would have any recollection of the playtime they had with me. Will these photos suffice?


Millwall Park

We always like to stop over at Millwall playground on our way home. It was the usual swings, slides and merry go round. I was quite proud of Ryan that day. Ryan went on the flying fox himself after observing how some older children played on it. My little ones are growing up too fast.






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