Our first doggies’ birthday!

July 2014

There will be a first in life all the time. For us, we attended our first ever doggies’ birthday in London! There was a steamboat dinner at Fiona’s and she even baked a beautiful cake for her lovely Quinton and Reagan. Ems also brought along her goldie, Brea for the party. The goldies absolutely loved the cake!

I must admit that I have very little understanding of these beautiful creatures. The only dogs that I knew throughout my life were my Ah Ma’s dogs. They were Lucky and Tony; they were really adorable. That were my very brief encounters with Man’s best friend. Despite that, I have to say my friends’ goldies are so gorgeous and it is very interesting to see how the children behave with their new friends.



The goldies in a party mood! Very well disciplined. They did listen to instruction of taking photos before gobbling up their cake!


IMG-20140812-WA0002 (1)


Oh, by the way, Ryan has been taking quite a number of photos these days. He is starting to take over my place as the family photographer. He is not great at it yet but he does manage to take some good pictures still.




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