Edward’s Second Birthday!

August 2014

Just a two weeks ago, it was Singapore’s 49th birthday. Coincidentally, it was Edward’s 2nd birthday as well. So, it was definitely a double celebration for the Singaporeans at the party.

Edward’s capable Mummy and Daddy prepared a huge feast for his birthday- sushi, fried finger food, curry, Cheng Tng, Ah Char, beehoon and whatnots. All homemade. It was definitely a party when you will be fed extremely well. On top of that, the children at the party were given goodie bags as well as an animal ballon each.


This is only part of what was being prepared. My favourite would be the curry chicken! I love curry!



Here’s Gillian with her animal balloon. It was a pity that it got blown away by the wind. 😦



Very delicious cake from Patisserie Valerie. I tell you.. it is my favourite cake in London. I am hoping that E gets it for my birthday. Please, Lao Gong! xxx (The good part about having a blog is almost like me having a public wishlist which E get positive pressure to fulfill it. Heehee.)



Wah wah wah! You can see that we are all in our super huat national colours! Happy Birthday Edward! Hope you will always be a good boy to your Mummy and Daddy! And Happy Birthday Singapore! You are loved and missed!


Yiling’s place is quite cool because they have this nice courtyard for such gatherings. Our family had quite some fun playing on the bouncy mat. Hmm… The children were being child-like while E and I were more of childish. 😛 After the party, we adjorned to TC’s place where a certain silver box beckoned certain members of the group. There was a second round of feasting while the children continued played. One of the more exciting Saturdays for us!




For the record, this picture was taken by Ryan. Not too bad. Hahahha. Pass.




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