A wet afternoon at National Maritime Museum

August 2014

Initial Plan: As the weather was forecast to be wet, I intended to have a quiet day at home with the children, perhaps with an hour to the playground next to us.

What happened: We baked chocolate cookies in the morning. Then, I decided to head to the playground around 11ish in the morning. Before going out, I called my Li Ming and thought that perhaps BeiBei could join us at the playground. Turned out that they were at the park and I thought I could bring the kids there for a while. Before we went out, it started to rain and I thought the plans were called off. Kiddos were disappointed as they were dressed and all ready to head out.

The rain did stop after 30 minutes and off we went to the park. The kids went wild in the sand pit again. (OMG… I hate the sandpit as the children always get so messy. But, that was not a good enough excuse to stop them from playing.) On our way home, we saw Li Ming and Bei Bei and had a small picnic by the museum. When we decided to head out, the rain came on again and thankfully we were next to the playground. This time round, it rained the entire afternoon and we were stuck in the museum. So much for a quiet and relaxing day.


Aye Aye Captain Ryan!






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