Milton Keynes Weekend!

August 2014

It was the bank holiday weekend and we decided to head to Milton Keynes to find our Singaporean friends. It has been a while since we last saw Aedan, Jacqueline and Ben. This time round, we decided to have a stay over at Milton Keynes so that we get to enjoy the little town a tad more. We booked Double Tree by Hilton, which is a hotel that overlooked the pitch at MK Don stadium. Coincidentally, there was match that day and we upgraded our room to one that allows us to have a view of the match.

We got to Milton Keynes around 2 in the afternoon, checked in the hotel and left to Snozone. The boys went for some sledging experience at Snozone. Hmm… The experience would be better if:

1. The children were better dressed. Like water proof jackets, pants and wellies. As it was very cold and wet, the kids were cold and relatively uncomfortable if they got wet.

2. The kids were older. As much as the fathers were strong, no one like carrying a little boy weighing 11-14kg up a snow slope to only slide down in 15 seconds. Too much work.

No photos were taken as everything was done in a hurry. The learning point would be that we are not reading for a skiing resort experience in Korea. After the sledging session, we bought KFC(again) and returned to the hotel with the Tans to catch the second half of the match. No photos of the match as I was busy wolfing down the hot wings. I was so so so hungry by then as we missed lunch.


Double Tree by Hilton

It was a basic hotel, I would think.

1. I did not like the bed. The king sized bed that we were given were two single beds combined into one. Fairly uncomfortable.

2. Upon checking in, we were offered the upgrade to the pitch viewing rooms for an extra of £15 which we took on. They also offered a £10 breakfast per head. E was undecided about it and hence we did not take it up. By the next morning, we woke up really early and were famished. Then, we wanted to take up the breakfast offer at £10 per head but were told that we were too late for it. We had to pay £15.75 if we wanted to dine in the Pitchside Restaurant. Hmm… okayyyy…, only that we were not told that the breakfast offer was only possible if taken upon check in. I thought it was quite inflexible on their side. It could be the staff could not make such decisions but it also meant that the staff was not empowered enough by the management to make such small calls. (Okay… I could be just very picky. But still… ) Anyways, we drove to Toby Carvery for all you can eat breakfast at £3.99 per head. Very good deal, I must say.

3. There was no hand held shower head in the bathroom which meant it was more difficult to bathe the kids or just wash the kids’ bottoms. This is a small problem only applicable to family with young children.

4. There was a smart television in the room. Very nice and interactive.





Dinner was BBQ session at the Tans!

We talked about having a BBQ session in the summer for ages but it did not materialise till last weekend. By now, it is nearly the end of summer as it is starting to be quite cold. Oh my dear UK, why can’t summer stay a little longer? 

My dear Jacqueline and Ben got ready the BBQ spread and it was quite comprehensive. There were wings, ribs, burgers, marshmallows and pasta. After BBQ, we also have cheesecake for dessert. What a superb finish to dinner! We had a good catch up session with the Tans while the kiddos played.





Dim Sum at Taipan, Milton Keynes





Highlight of the trip: 360 Play 

The kids definitely liked this part of the trip the most. We spent at least 3 hours at this family entertainment centre. There was active play,imaginary and creative play. There was the bumper cars ride which we went for at least 5 times in total, the carousel rides, soft play, ball pit, role play and so much more. I have to say that both fathers spent most of the time playing with the kids while the ladies got the more relaxed job.

I actually got sick after playing on the carousel once. Yes, such a loser. 😦 But I made up by playing on the bumper car with Gillian at least thrice.


















We drove back to London on Sunday after the 360 play and spent the entire Monday just doing the household chores and relaxing away. A much needed rest, I must say.



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