Play Date with Edward

August 2014

Yiling invited us over to her place for lunch and play date with Edward on one of the Fridays in August. The best part was that she made pizza from scratch! Wow wow wow! I am very impressed with her culinary skills. She makes difficult recipes sounds easy. Freshly made dough is the best. There is a huge taste difference between frozen pizzas and the fresh ones

The kids had an awesome time together. They got to interact with Edward, eat ice lollies, play with new toys and watch some telly. That is a whole lot of fun for young children. Priya also joined us for lunch and so, there was the usual ladies chatter. 😛


Here’s our little princess, enjoying her chocolate ice cream.




The children dancing at the balcony to the music of the Santa Claus’s hat. No kidding. That red hat was great at entertaining the children. Abit noisy for normal human beings but fabulous toy for getting the kids to move it, move it. Heehee. Just look at the huge smiles on their faces!



The little ones watching some television in the evening while Yiling whipped up dinner for them. Thank you, Yiling!


In the evening, Ken bought pratas and murtabaks back from Roti King for the adults and E drove over to join us and pick the family up. It was definitely an enjoyable Friday for us. 🙂



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