August 2014





Zaibatsu is currently our family’s favourite Japanese/Fusion eatery. From the London price point, the food is definitely value for money. The last two Japanese/Fushion restaurants(Wagamama, Ajiichiban) that we went were a total flop(!!!). Hence, in comparison, Zaibatsu is amazing. The chef is a Malaysian(same same, but different) but does Japanese cuisine really well. He takes pride in food presentation as well. Excellent customer service as well! There was once when we ordered an item wrongly. E told the waiter that we wanted Dynamite Yaki Udon which turned out to be a spicy noodle dish and was unsuitable for the kids. The chef told us that we could return the dish at no cost and he could whip up another one for the kids! How nice is that! Of course, we decided to just share the Dynamite Yaki Udon between E and myself and order the non-spicy version for the kids.

The children love the salmon maki and the yaki udon. As for us, we have tried a the Norwegian set, the salmon rolls, Katsu curry don, Unagi rice and a few other. All managed to live up to expectations. We will definitely be looking forward to trying out the rest of the items on the menu!




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