Life in Cardboard Boxes

October 2014

Our lives are virtually always in boxes. Yet again, we will be moving. It is really interesting how in my 4(?) years of marriage, we have moved like 5 times? I am not sure about you, but it feels really frequent to me.

1. Original homes to love nest, Telok Kurau. (2010)
2. Telok Kurau to Bluwaters,Pasir Ris (2012)
3. Pasir Ris, Singapore to Farringdon, London (2013)
4. Farringdon to Cutty Sark (2013)
5. Cutty Sark to a new place, this Saturday (2014)

I was reading somewhere off the internet that moving houses is one of the most stressful things to happen next to a major death in the family and divorce. Is it true? Packing is hard work. But packing with two young children around takes it to a whole different level. We started packing a month ago when the paper work has been confirmed. We began the packing journey with less utilised kitchen items, clothes and whatnots. E, being the creative genius of the family, built a box fort for the children. They loved it and enjoyed playing castle for the next few days before the novelty wore off.


Two weeks ago, we had to start keeping the kids’ toys, books and craft. That was when the difficulty started and I had no choice but to resort to the television as a nanny while I continued this tedious job. Bah.

The truth is I will probably not be surprised if we got to move next year again. Maybe, depending on how things take place.



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