Vacation at Home: 28 November 2014 (Day 1)

December 2014




I never thought there would be a day when I actually will be looking forward to a vacation in Singapore. I was wrong. It was a long 11ish months in London. While it was enjoyable for most parts, I cannot help but miss my family and friends. On the day when we got to Heathrow, my heart was skipping with joy! It got better when the air stewardess informed us that it was not a full flight. Between 4 of us, we could occupy 7 economy seats! That was just awesome news. Happiness was short lived when the kids started fussing on the plane towards the last 3-4 hours of flight. 😦

When we came out of the arrival hall, it was just surreal to finally see our loved ones. E’s parents and all my family members were there. Ryan was jumping around in excitement when he saw his favourite Yiyi. Gillian was looked surprised by how much attention she was getting from the fond grandparents. My mother remarked that Gillian looked wayyy too tiny for her age and perhaps she set a mission to fatten up our little girl. In that aspect, she is doing a fairly good job. Heehee.

Day 1 was just pretty much clearing the administrative stuff like getting our Singapore SIM cards and EZlink. Unfortunately, the kids suffered quite a bit from jet lag for the initial days. As parents, we were not spared from it as well.



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