The Land of Smiles

December 2014

Over our month holiday in Singapore, E and I decided to have a short trip(4 days, 3 nights) to Bangkok. Without the kids. This way, we could probably get our massages done without the thought screaming kids at back of our heads. Thank God for my parents who agreed to care for the lovely little ones. We stayed at The Berkeley Hotel at Pratunam, which was a stone’s throw away from the all famous wholesale Platinum Mall.

Hotel room was fairly large with a double bed. The bed is not exactly the most comfortable. I suppose, for the price that we paid for, it was decent at least. Our room was in the second wing. Hence, we had to take the lift to the 26th floor, walk for about 5 minutes before reaching the new tower and heading to our room. It was quite troublesome and would advise anyone to request for the main building should they decide to stay in the hotel. Housekeeping could be better since they forgot to clean up out room on the second day. Considering the number of Singaporeans whom I have noticed  at the hotel, I must say it must be quite popular with our fellow countrymen.



First Day- Getting the measurements done!

For the first stop, we went off to the Alex’s Fashion so that we could E could get himself measured for his tailored suits and shirts. Tailoring requires at least 4 days. Hence, ensuring that measurements were taken as soon as possible was crucial. Alex’s Fashion is located at Amari Watergate Hotel. There are two other similar tailors  in the same hotel. E decided on Alex’s Fashion because of recommendation from his friend, Perry. Throughout the process, we thought that the staff was very friendly and helpful. Quality and workmanship were both fantastic. I really like the suit that E made for himself!


After an hour or so at the tailor’s, E and I headed to Platinum Mall to have lunch at the food court and for some shopping to be done. E and I wanted to get clothes for the little ones as well as some matching outfits for our Studioplay session. I suppose I must be getting quite old but shopping at Platinum Mall did not excite me as much as before. All E and I could think of was getting more massages. In fact, E and I had two massages(a total of 3 hours) done on the first day and I fell asleep everytime I had a massage done. I guess the SAHM stint must be exhausted me wayy more than I imagined.




Dinner was at some random roadside stall. I love food from my hawker and roadside stalls. It is really unfortunate that I have such underdeveloped palate that does not appreciate those Michelin starred restaurants. Heehee…. but what we had for dinner was so awesome. We ordered the usual of Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong and some fried rice. It is possibly not as hygienic as I would like it to be but thank God, nothing happened during the trip!


Second Day- E’s 35th birthday!


Here’s my birthday boy looking so cheery Breakfast at the hotel was adequate but we should have opted for the hotel without breakfast. It is Bangkok! There were so many choices of food to choose from whenever we head out of the hotel. In contrast, the buffet breakfast choices just felt really boring.  After breakfast, we went off to Alex’s Fashion for the first fitting.


Lunch was at Tamaruya Honten @Isetan, Central World. The beef there is unbelievably good. Just thinking about the marbled Kobe beef just makes my brain go all mush.






After the sumptuous lunch, we decided to skip dinner and head straight for our 4 hours of spa and massage. No kidding. 4 hours was ridiculously long but it was surely comfortable to have all our tired, sore muscles kneaded and comforted. There was a short break in between when we had some nice jasmine tea along with yummy pineapple biscuits. It is a pity that we forgot the name of the spa that we went to. Hmm…



Dinner/Supper was at some 24 hour chicken rice store opposite The Berkeley Hotel. According to our cab driver, it is apparently popular as well. The chicken soup is supposedly very tasty but seriously, I think our Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore beats it hands down.


That marks the day of E’s 35th birthday.
Happy birthday, baby!


Third Day- Just shopping and massage!

We had our wanton noodles fix at a famous wanton noodle store in Pratunam. By the time we got there for lunch, the place was so crowded. Upon research, I found out that the place is called Saeb X2 Wonton Noodles. The yellow noodles were springy and braised meat was oh-so tender. The icing on the cake was that the place is air conditioned. Heehee.

By the third day, E and I realised that items sold at Platinum Mall are no longer as cheap as before. In fact, if you were to head to the open air market opposite Platinum Mall, there would be much better deals. In fact, some of the items are almost half the price of what was being sold in Platinum Mall. (-_-)”’ If you ask me, don’t bother going to Platinum Mall unless you have children tagging along.










Final day- Meeting the cousins and flying back to Sg!

We had to leave our hotel at 12ish as our flight was at 3.55 in the afternoon. We had early Thai-Fusion lunch at Coffee By Dao with E’s cousin and cousin-in law. They were getting married in Thailand and it was unfortunate that we had to miss it. Anyway, we had a nice catch up with the lovely couple. 🙂









We got back to Singapore in the evening and my parents came to pick us up with Ryan and Gillian. The little ones were so happy to see us. After 4 days of massage, carrying them felt like a piece of cake. This short couple trip was really enjoyable and restful for both of us. In fact, I am counting down to our next possible couple trip in 2016!



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