Man of the hour- Gege!

December 2014















Weddings are such wonderful occasions. In fact, in just the month of when we returned to Singapore, E and I attended 3 weddings. The best people in the lives of the the bride and groom are all gathered in one place to celebrate love. Gege’s wedding was a small intimate affair at gorgeous Chijmes. That evening, as the sister of the groom, I felt very moved being able to see all my close family members, uncles, aunts and cousins, all in one place, dressed up with witness the union of Gege and Disi.

My dearest eldest brother, otherwise known as Gege to me, got married on the 5th December 2014. My family and I have been looking forward to the big day for at least a year! A week prior to the big day, my sister and I spent at least four days in town scouring boutiques for our evening dresses. On a side note, thank you, Mister E for sponsoring your SAHM wife such a elegant black gown! Major love it! That being said, we were overjoyed that Gege found happiness with the love of his life, Disi. You know what they say about love and marriage. It is not just about rainbows and butterflies but more of finding the one person who makes you a better person, brings out the best in you and eliminates the worst. I think Gege found that special someone in his beautiful bride. Disi, you are definitely the missing puzzle in my brother’s life.

Gege is one of the best person anyone can have in their lives- be it a son, brother, or a friend. Admittingly, he may not be the best at words. But, what are words without actions? My brother is someone you can surely trust for support for both good and bad times. Growing up, I was quite a mischievous child but my brother may have taken the bullet cane for me many times and yet, he does not bear any grudges(or not that I know of!). In my faint memory, I recalled how he actually saved my life once when we were young. I was probably 5 and he was then 9. We were at East Coast Park with our family, possibly for a chalet weekend. Being young kids, we were so drawn to the sea or just any water activities. Then, my favourite Disney star was Ariel, the mermaid. At first, we were playing in the shallow waters, near the breakwaters. From my memory, my brother, aged 9, could swim very well. He was in the deeper part of the sea and I wanted to just like him/Ariel, despite him warning me not to. Defying orders of my older brother, I tried to swim to the deeper part to where he was. I started struggling frantically in the waters. Boy, did I panic! Somehow, Gege, who was just 4 year older than me managed to push me out(I recall me pushing him down into the waters while he was trying to rescue me!) of the treacherous waters. I supposed both of us were quite traumatised by what happened then. I don’t think we ever told our parents what happened then. We totally would have been roasted!

He is a great brother, the typical generous guy who will just overlook the faults of his sister like 90% of the time. When we were in primary school, there was once he took like a few of my Snow White stickers. I got so mad with him and started to throw my usual tantrums and maybe threatening to tell my parents. (OMG! Why was I such a terrible child!) It took him a few days to save some money and he bought me a whole new sheet of Garfield stickers. Well, even then, I told him that ‘they were not the same!’, even though I was really happy deep down my heart. We slept in the same room throughout primary school because I was too afraid to sleep in my room. He slept on the single bed while I took the pull out bed. At night, I would force him to tell me stories till I fell asleep. Each story would cost me $0.20 though. Sometimes I would pay and sometimes I would forget to. Hahaha.

During our younger days, we were quite close. We had to attend tae kwon do and swimming lessons together. He was really good at swimming. We attended the swimming lessons conducted by Uncle Darryl every Sunday afternoon. To him, swimming was a piece of cake. To me, that was my personal hell. For swim practices, my Uncle Darryl would line up all the swimmers in a line. He would shout, ‘Go!’ and we had to swim to the other end in the shortest time possible. My brother and some other swimmers would always reach the other end first, giving them ample time to rest while waiting for the few swimmers who were like me to reach the end and the routine would start over again. I was proud that my brother was one of the stronger swimmers but it is really uncool to be one of the weakest swimmers. Like no shit.

Tae Kwon Do was more fun for me. Papa would take us to the Gay World Stadium for our classes. After classes, we would head to the fruit store. Papa and I would have coconut drinks while Gege would always have his watermelon juice without fail. As my brother is 4 years older than me, his training and sparring sessions would be much tougher then mine. Whenever I watch my brother spar with his opponent, I always had my heart at my throat. Being just a kid, I was so worried that he would die while sparring. Tae Kwon Do practices at home was also strict. We had to remember our patterns vey well and Papa would actually get mad when he forget any steps of our patterns. Over the week, Papa would just suddenly decide to test us on the patterns. As Gege is the older one, he would always go first and if he forgets, my father would really give him a strong verbal lashing. Since, I was always the second to go, I would force myself to never make the same mistakes my brother did. As Gege did his patterns, I would have my mental revision to ensure that I don’t make any mistakes. In fact, I is the same in life as well. Gege was like the guinea pig and I just ensure at that I don’t make the same mistakes to avoid any punishment. Looking back, it was quite hilarious how much fear we had of our parents. Because, they are nothing like that now! They are so mild with my youngest sister!

Gege and I drifted apart throughout our teenage years as our personalities and hobbies were as different as day and night. He loved his animes and Gundam while I seriously thought they were a waste of time and money. He was more of an introvert while I liked to hang out with my mates. There was even a time when he kept hamsters! In contrast, I am totally not an animal type of person. I mean, I am fine with them but I don’t think I will ever be that caring enough to take care of an animal. Despite that, we still had a very tight bond. When I experienced my first breakup, he was very concerned, only to realise that I move on quite well. Hahaha.

Now as I type these words, I realise that we have gone through so much as siblings. Most of the time, I like to laugh at him but now, I think I am proven wrong in so many ways, more than what I imagined. For example, Gege always had an eye for details which explains his expensive taste in certain purchases, which I scoffed at countless times, thinking that it was just a ridiculous! On hindsight, after looking at how beautiful his marital home is, I am so wrong in that aspect. Everything from his custom made dining table to something insignificant like a knife holder just feels wayyy cool. In fact, I am very impressed with so many things like how his wedding and marital house have panned out. I cannot help but feel extremely proud of him and thankful that God has been very faithful to our family.

Gege, you are an awesome older brother. Thank you so much for taking care for me and the younger siblings. Moving forward, I wish the best for my brother and my new sister in law, hoping God will keep and bless them over life’s journey.
We love you, Gege and Disi.



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