Cotswold Road Trip- Gloucester City Centre

18-19 January 2015

By the time we got to Gloucester City Centre, it was nearly 2.30pm. The gift shop closes at 2.45pm on Sundays. My mother and I quickly went into the shop and bought a rosary souvenir. My mom has a habit of buying a rosary at any Cathedral gift shop that she visits in Europe. The movie magic of Harry Potter were filmed at Gloucester Cathedral. So, it was a treat for Harry Potter fan, Kimmie. Heehee.

The interiors of Gloucester Cathedral was magnificent with the soaring stained glass windows, the cloisters with fan vaulted roof and elegant looking garden. Looking at such beautiful architecture just takes one’s breath away. You cannot help but wonder how it was even possible for such detailed, symmetrical construction could be done without the technology?





The city centre was really empty on Sunday. Boohoo! We walked towards the Gloucester Docks, hung out there for a while before heading off to the hotel to rest.


It was so cold that afternoon that the little ones did not fight when we put on their winter hats and gloves.










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