Cotswold Road Trip- Mercure Gloucester Bowden Hall Hotel

January 2015

After our short visit to Gloucester City, we headed to our hotel for some rest. It has been one exhausting day, especially with Ryan and Gillian. We stayed in Mercure Gloucester Bowden Hall Hotel, and we took sometime to find the place as the road that we were on was pitch dark. It got slightly spooky when Ryan mentioned that he asked me,’Is that a ghost?’ when we were at the bend. Hmm… we were so happy when we finally found the hotel, which looked fairly decent.


Surprisingly, I did not take any pictures of the hotel. The room was old but adequate with good heating. The staff upgraded(for free) our room to a huge family one, inclusive of a queen sized bed and two super single beds. E, the children and I definitely had a sound sleep that night!

After a quick wash up and some slacking, we went for our dinner. Food was a-okay, nothing spectacular but everyone was so tired from the day’s events that we ate dinner mostly in silence. After dinner and one round of desserts, E, the kids and I headed to the lounge to play some games while my mother and sister retired for the night.


Kungfu Chicken Rice- the description of the dish surpassed the tast of it, unfortunately.


Tomato Pasta for Ryan.


My burger and sweet potato fries. The burger was really tough. (-_-)”’ I was honestly too tired to even request to send the burger back. Fries were wonderful though.


My mom’s indian dinner. Not sure what Kimberly ate as we did not take any photos of it.


We enjoyed some family time with the little ones before everyone conked out.


Breakfast time!




Breakfast was the usual English fare of sausages, toast, beans, ham and whatnots. (Omg… totally missing my chwee keuh! I am such a Singapore girl!)




So here’s some pictures of the exterior of the hotel. It was a freezing January morning. We took out of jackets and coats for the photos. The hotel looks so much better in the morning, in fact, it looked actually elegant(and not as spooky as what I imagined it to be the night before!). So, after checking out, we headed off for more Cotswold adventures at Bourton on the water and Stow on the wold.



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