Cotswold Road Trip- Stow on the Wold

January 2015

By the time we got to Stow on the Wold, it was 2ish on a Sunday afternoon. It was quiet and most of the shops were empty. We also went thrifting at two thrift stores and bought some children’s books. I love the thrift stores in UK; they always have books and sometimes toys at really good conditions.




Ryan insisted we bought for him the red car in the window display. No kidding. It took us to convince him to leave the car behind.





We also visited the famous St Edward’s Church at Stow on the Wold, which is also a tourist attraction at Stow.





We visited Huffkins for an afternoon snack for the kids. Gillian got herself a cheese scone while Ryan was given a free chocolate Santa to his delight! Heehee.






Personally, I think Bourton-on-the-water and Stow on the wold have alot more things to offer compared to Castle Combe. We should have visited the former on a Saturday. I suppose we got tricked by Trip Advisor that claimed that Castle Combe was one of the best place to visit. If you ask me, it can totally be missed…. Yes, it was wayy different from Bourton and Stow but it seriously had too little attraction(cafes/shops) for me, personally.


The last stop for the Cotswolds adventure was at Bichester Village. It was like 5ish by the time. Closing time was at 6/7pm. Despite that, the place was bustling with the Asian tourists. Everyone were lugging huge shopping bags. E got me a pair of Prada boots and Tory Burch flats… for Valentine’s. I suppose it is E’s ploy to reach Bichester as late as possible so that I can do as little shopping as possible. Ohwells. I still love you, Mister E. xxx




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