Easter Egg Hunt at Mudchute Farm!

April 2015

Since we have moved to our current place, visiting Mudchute Farm is almost like a weekly affair for me and the kids. Previously when we were living near Cutty Sark, our home ground was Greenwich Park. However, going to the park now just feels wayyy too far for me and the two kids, even though I know they love the playground at Greenwich Park. Perhaps, we might resume our Greenwich Park routine come Summer!

That Thursday, the interactive classroom was opened. There was a art and craft table opened and children could do a Easter hat/mask for a token sum of £2 each. Instead of doing that(because the kids were not very into craft work), we went to do some shopping at the new shop at Mudchute Farm. Ryan got some owl toy(£1.99) and Gillian got herself a wooden bead bracelet(50p). I love the new shop at Mudchute Farm! The stuff the are selling are all at a fairly reasonable price! According to the owner, over the next few weeks, the shop will be stocked up cheese, milk and even seafood(weekends only!). Maybe I should ask the owner if I could take a picture of his shop the next time!



Kimmie and Ryan at the classroom. These two got along so well over the holiday! In fact, E and I managed to get more ‘me’ time because Kimmie was entertaining the children. Heehee.


The thing about going to the farm so often is that the kids are really friendly with the animals these days. When we first brought the kids to the farm for the very first time, they were so afraid of even going near to the gates of enclosures. Nowadays, Ryan and Gillian are so ever keen to feed the animals with the carrots that I buy from Asda! For your information, they are only 57p for a huge bag!





Picnic time! Now that it is April and it is finally the start of Spring, it is possible to have a picnic outdoors. Thank God! I seriously had a bad bout of self diagnosed SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) over the winter period. (I am not Winter Sonata fan…I hate the cold and dark days! That explains for my lack of blog posts for the first three months of 2015.)

Ryan and Kimmie even went tumbling down the hill a few times for fun while Gillian looked at them in amusement. Heehee. Kimmie is definitely a fun aunt… while I am the boring photographer mom.



There was rather skinny looking Hello Kitty, giving out the Easter Egg prizes to the older children for the egg hunt! Gillian was so excited to see Hello Kitty! Both Gillian and I are big fans of Hello Kitty!




We bought two Easter Hunt sheets at £1 per child. We joined the category that was for Under 5s and it took us less than 5 minutes to find our Easter bunny who gave the children their prizes. I suppose it was really fun for them. They definitely devoured their chocolate eggs!

Here’s Ryan, looking all ready with his Easter Hunt Sheet!










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