Eltham Palace and Gardens

April 2015

The day was forecasted to be sunny and it was good chance to bring the kids out. I was considering between bringing the Ryan and Gillian to Mudchute Farm(again!) or Eltham Palace and Gardens. Since I had the help of my sister, I thought we should venture out to somewhere new. And so, Eltham Palace and Gardens it was!

According to Google maps, Eltham Palace and Gardens is just a 25 minutes drive away from my place. Thankfully, we managed to get to our destination safely without much problems. Eltham Palace, childhood home of Henry VIII, has just finished a major 6 months renovation and everything is in great condition.

 When we got to Eltham Gardens at 11 in the morning, the place wasn’t crowded at all. The children were so happy to see the new playground. In fact, they spent a good 1ish hour playing and having their morning tea break at the playground. Weather was so good that they did not need to put on their coats! The day was so beautiful!




Both of them are growing really close. One of my greatest pleasures as a SAHM is the opportunity to see how they communicate and play.








We enjoyed our picnic next to the play area. If you did not bring along your packed sandwiches, you can also get your food from the greenhouse cafe which is also next to the playground. 🙂



The ‘Marble Run’ is one of Ryan’s favourite stations at the playground.






It took Kimberly and me some time to convince the children to check out the palace. Thankfully we did as the little ones had a little treasure hunt at the palace. Young children were given an activity sheet and they were to go around the palace to explore. At certain rooms, there will be something for them to stamp to mark their location on the map. I thought having such an activity was helpful for adults as well as we took time to read and discover more about the palace. We found that there was a luxury air raid bunker in the basement, heated bedroom for a pet lemur and many other opulent looking rooms.






DSC00904 - Copy

DSC00907 - Copy




DSC00906 - Copy

DSC00934 - Copy



After the treasure hunt, we returned to the playground to have a tea break while the children played abit more before the sun got too hot. We had to leave because I have forgotten to bring the kids’ sunblock lotion. Totally did not expect the weather to be THAT sunny. It was a good move anyways as the kids fell into deep sleep while driving home. Eltham Palace and Gardens is a nice lovely for children who needs the space to exhaust their energies. Certainly, Ryan and Gillian will be looking forward to their next visit!



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