New Malden- Korean Town

January 2015

I suppose you guys have figured out that I am catching up with my older posts for 2015. The weather is getting better. In fact, today(6th April 2015), it is actually sunny. How lovely. However, we just came home from a 2 days road trip(Dover-Canterbury) and needed to stay in today to recuperate for the week.We got home last evening and basically, we have been vegetating the entire time there after. Gosh… are we old or are we old?


In the winter of January, we decided to head off to New Malden for some nice Korean BBQ and shopping. Who would have known that before we even left Central London, we met with a tiny problem. E accidentally rammed our car up a curb and one of the tires got punctured. It was definitely not pleasant as it was raining rather heavily and we did not exactly know what to do. 😦 With the power of technology and mobile data, we did managed to get help at a cost of £200. Not a cool start to the journey…and we had to wait for at least 1.5 hour for the replacement to come.

E waited in the car while the rest of us went for for a coffee break at Costa.






We did managed to continue our journey to New Malden. We did have a teeny ween pitstop Richmond Park. Our original intention is to have the kids play in the park for a while before going off for dinner. But, I suppose we just under estimated the cold that day. It was freezing and Gillian(who seldom had an opinion of the weather) kept complaining to me that she was cold. While driving through the park, we saw some lovely deer and the children were so excited upon seeing them!






We got to New Malden around 5ish and decided to have our dinner at Su La Korean Restaurant. OMG! Best Korean food I had in London, I tell you. Being a big fan of yakiniku, I was overjoyed to be having grilled beef slices. Even now, I can salivate while looking at the yummy food pictures! I love everything on the menu! Kimberly and the children love the kimchi and egg omelette!  So so so yums! It is a pity that New Malden is quite far from our place in London, lest I would be asking E to bring us there every weekend!










After dinner, we went shopping at H Mart and bought so many korean products to store at home. Heehee. We bought enough to grant us a membership card. Just madness! Everything looks so fresh and interesting at H Mart!

It was so unfortunate the the drive back home was also quite terrible as there was some traffic accident. It took us about 3(instead of the 1.5 hour) hours before we got home. Still, I will not complain because it had been some time since I managed to indulged in my favourite Korean food!



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