Cambridge, Cambridge

March 2015

On the weekend before the passing of Mr LKY, we visited Cambridge and Cambridge University, the place where he spent his university years with the love of his life. Our founding father of Singapore has passed away on the 23rd of March, leaving a mourning nation. It was a hard week for most Singaporeans, for most of us have never known a Singapore without Mr LKY.

Not sure if it is the media or just propaganda, but it is hard not to feel something positive about this man. It is true that some of his actions may not be as pretty(or even honourable as some may say) at a certain points in time. But just as many of us have experienced, life is hard, work is hard, this is particularly true in the field of politics where things can be subjective. Most of us try to make the best decisions, given the information that we know at the point in time. So, let the one without any sin cast the first stone.

In the week of his passing, there were so many Facebook posts, blogs sharing their feelings about our first Prime Minister. I read the all these updates and news about LKY avidly and even did a blog post about him(which I deleted because it felt so childish compared to the many others that I have read online). But I suppose words will not suffice. Men as great as LKY do not come by easily…and Singapore is fortunate to have a visionary like him as our leader. Deep down, I just can hope and pray that our current and future leaders of Singapore will take heart the life lessons of LKY, to remember the vision of the party that they are in, and lead our country into a better and brighter future.


So, back to our Cambridge trip, it took us about 1.5 hours to get to there. We parked at some car park lot that we booked online. Unfortunately, we did not do much research prior to the trip. The car park lot was quite some distance from the central Cambridge. It was still of walking distance… but walking for 20-25 minutes with Ryan and Gillian in the cold wind can be a challenge. While walking, we stumbled upon a huge Salvation Army thrift store(where we bought two toy cars for Ryan for 40p and a magic whiteboard for Gillian for 40p) and a small skate park. So it wasn’t that bad… the kids did enjoy their walk.







Lunch was at Loch Fyne Seafood and  Grill.

We ordered the lunch sets so it was fairly reasonable at about £15 per adult and £8 for per child. Seafood was okay but desserts were great! Ryan and Gillian were even given two helium balloons at the end of the meals, much to their delight.








Cambridge University!


Ryan and his best Yiyi!











Deciding to go punting at Cambridge was one of the best decisions of the journey. Our tickets for 4 adults, 2 children was £45, which included an approximately 50 minutes boat ride that covered the full length of the College Backs, including magnificent sights such as Kings College Chapel, The Bridge of Sighs and New Court St Johns. Unlike our punting experience at Oxford, this time round, we were able to sit back and relax whilst our chauffeur punt us along the River Cam.

Being the thriftier one between me and E, I was hesitant about the punting costs initially. However, after the punting experience, I thought it was well worth it as we got to know more about the interesting history, information and anecdotes of Cambridge University and the school rivalry between Cambridge and Oxford from our chauffeur. As usual, the children enjoyed feeding bread the ducks and swans. (If you are intending to go punting with children, maybe you can grab a loaf of bread from M&S prior to the boat trip to feed the ducks. Kids just love such activities!) In this light of matters, I am wondering maybe it is true that we should really invest more in life experiences than material goods.




Our small family.



Me and my beautiful Mummy.




The Cambridge trip was interesting and surprisingly enjoyable. That Saturday, it was coincidentally the graduation day for the students. So you could see the graduates in their winter gowns, walking around, talking photos, toasting to the start of the lives. The atmosphere was very positive and lively. Being there, just makes me wish that maybe, if it is possible, my children will be able to attend Cambridge University. Heehee. One can always wish, right?



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