Ryan’s birthday celebration in school!

March 2015

As Ryan’s birthday falls during mid term, we decided to throw him an early birthday celebration in school. Thankfully Mama was around to help us with the preparation of the goodie bags before the party. We were semi going for a pirate theme as Ryan is very into the Swashbuckles on Cbeebies. He was dressed as a pirate on the day of the celebration. Heehee.

He and his friends were very excited on the week of the celebration! On that particular week, his friends kept asking me if it was Ryan’s birthday on every occasion they saw me in school. Not sure who let the cat out of the bag but all the little ones were very happy on the actual day of the party!


This is a picture of Ryan’s cosy classroom.


When his teachers and friends starting singing him the birthday song, Ryan looked so shy! It was such an adorable sight. In fact, we were allowed to join in the mini celebration. So, our little birthday girl, Gillian did managed to bask in some of the lime light as well. In fact, Gillian is no stranger to Ryan’s classmates as they see each other everyday. Before the party, she was running around with Ryan’s classmates in the garden. She loves the attention from the older children. Heehee.




After the blowing of candles, Ryan ran towards me so shyly, hugged me, told me that he was so happy and thanked me. That was quite a cute moment as he looked as though he was going to burst with joy, a reaction that I did not expect from him. I always thought he was quite ambivalent about such celebrations- like, ‘Fine, there is a nice cake.’ I never thought he could vocalise his feelings. So, that was a nice surprise!

Yes, there you go. This is Ryan’s first class birthday celebration in London. There is always a first for everything and I am glad this is a a good one for everyone.



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