Baby Announcement!

June 2015


And so the cat is out of the bag! Yes, we are expecting a precious number three into our lives. Unlike the first two pregnancies which were announced very early, we were quieter this time round as we were slightly worried about my initial stages. This little sweetheart is just as close to our hearts as Ryan and Gillian.

So far, this pregnancy has been a roller coaster for E and myself. In fact, I think I have shed more tears than I ever did combined for my first two pregnancies. My first trimester was really tough but fortunately, my mother and Kimberly were around to tide me through that stage. My mother was always in the kitchen, whipping up something nice for me and the baby while Kimberly was the best playmate for the kids. Now that they are back in Singapore, it has been much tougher. I must admit that in London without any family support has been challenging for all of us. The flip side of the coin also means that it has been a very meaningful journey. With a third baby in the oven, it has also been back breaking having to still manage the household and two young children. Thankfully, everyone from Mister E to Ryan and Gillian, has been really supportive and kind to me. There is no one day that passes without gratitude. 

Meanwhile, I also have ridiculous Singaporean food cravings that is almost impossible to fulfill. Food like Nasi Padang, Char Kuey Teow, Bengawan Solo kueh kueh and so on. Simple hawker fare that were so easily accessible in the past are like unattainable unless I cook/bake them myself. Seriously, DIY is too much work for me at this moment. There are occasions where I do try to fulfill my cravings by cooking. Usually, I would also lose my appetite after the whole tedious process. So… I am slowly learning to ignore my cravings. That aside, it does not mean that I am not gaining weight. For the record, I am like only 5 months pregnant and I am huge. I have joined some Facebook group of Singaporean mothers whose babies are due in October as well and some have only gained 1 kg so far. It may sound really vain and competitive but honestly, I am a huge hippopotamus. 

Our little girl, who is made in London will be delivered in this beautiful country as well. Family and friends have been surprised by our decision but this arrangement is made in the best interest of the family. I would love to be able to deliver our sweet pea in Singapore but logistics would have been mad. While there has been some distressing moments in the beginning, E and I would like to channel our energies to the positives like trusting in God and the knowledge that my mother Maureen Chua (who is also a SAHM) had done the same, bringing up me and three other siblings. 

Please keep all of us in your prayers and hopefully, Baby Number 3 will be delivered safely and healthily.



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