Updates on Pregnancy Journey!

June 2015

As I am writing this, I am already past the first trimester and am in my 22nd week of pregnancy. With each pregnancy, one can no longer deny that age is taking a toll on me. I feel more tired easily and am no longer as active as I was before in my first two pregnancies. Well, the lethargy could be also due to me having to manage my two little darlings in the day- doing the school run, playgroups, lunch and household chores. Getting heavier is also a problem for my mobility. Every morning, I need to do the school run on the double buggy with Ryan and Gillian. School run will take me 30-40 minutes per way. Thankfully, summer is here and we do not need to handle all the layering of clothes and heavy coats.

Here’s Gillian and me, on one of those mornings when we lull time together while waiting for Ryan to finish his nursery. Spending time alone with her is really a joy. She is very communicative and we always have a good laugh together.


Food Cravings!

This pregnancy constantly have me craving for Singaporean cuisine and the usual suspects like sashimi and seafood. For Singaporean food, we will just make do with Roti King. In fact, we have Roti King every time we head off to town or for the hospital checkups. (Maybe when I do get less tired, I will blog about my pregnancy journey so far in London, as in my experience with NHS and all.)

This Roti King meal with drinks easily cost us £18. Madness right! Just for roti prata and nasi lemak! Ohwells. What to do?

I also have this thing for lobsters. No kidding. I mean. When I was pregnant with Ryan and Gillian in Singapore, the cravings used to be chilli and pepper crabs. Baby Number Three apparently likes lobsters. On the day we went for the baby’s first scan, we celebrated by having Lobster and Burger. E also treated me to cheese lobster yeemien for Mother’s Day. I was definitely very sated on those occasions. In fact, I am craving for lobsters now and hoping that if I do finish this blog before E returns home from work(assuming that he read the post), I would be in for some surprise! Tricky tricky!





I do try to cook to satisfy my cravings as well. It is okay. Edible. Seriously, spending 2ish hours in the kitchen to whip up something like mee siam, chwee kueh is really too much effort. Not very worth the work to feed just me and E. E is of course very appreciative when I do make time to cook these dishes. With my weight increasing so much(especially these few weeks), I find that even standing in the kitchen on 1ish hour for food preparation is killing me. I am quite unhealthy right?


20150508_183314 20150508_065001 20150507_163046



Mood Swings

Yes. I have very bad mood swings which E gets the brunt of it. This is very much so because we have no family support here and also because of my health and back conditions. I tend to be very sensitive to what he says. Something that he probably says in passing in the heat of argument will easily set me bawling into tears. I think after talking out a couple of times, both of us have backed off quite a bit. Basically, I just need to nitpick less and he will help out more. In fact, he has been taking the kids off my hands for at least a hour or two per week while I get to just vegetate at home. The precious personal time keeps me sane. The thing is that marriage is hard work. Much harder with young children in a foreign land. This period of time is both challenging to us as well as fulfilling when we get over the obstacles. So, thank you, Mister E.



Gillian and I meet up with E at least once a week for lunch near his workplace.

E and the kids went for a failed kite expedition. The kite got stuck to a tree.

They went to pedoboat without me.



The kids also have to be more sensible. Surprisingly, both of them are really good helpers now. Yes, they do make a mess when they play or eat. But on a whole, they are very loving towards each other, me and the new sibling. Ryan and Gillian are the ones who give me a good calf massage. For the past week, the kids have allowed me an hour of nap while the play in the living room. Honestly, I am very thankful to God. For despite all the issues we face, there is always a way out.









Okay, I will need to handle the kids now. Break time’s over! Will try to update as much as possible about this third(and possibly my last) pregnancy!


Update as of 12 June 2015, 8ish pm.

I got my lobster roll as my treat! The blog post worked! E bought me this yummilicious lobster brioche roll for dinner! Yay! Baby and I are loved!




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