First visit to Thames Barrier Park

July 2015

Okay. Summer’s officially here in London. Last Wednesday, temperatures hit 34 degree Celsius. It is unbearable. For a Singapore to complain about it, I cannot imagine how the English felt. It was so warm for the past week that I did absolutely nothing with the children. Okay, I did the usual of bringing the kids to school and playgroups. However, once we get home, I would just bathe them and dump them in the living room while I hid in the bedroom with the fan on the highest speed.

I think the kids prefer the warm weather though. It just means that they get to be outdoors more often. There is no need for the heavy and cumbersome jackets. The thick woolly jackets are packed away and out comes the light clothes and Crocs. While some people may think that wearing Crocs are sacrilege, I think I see them as summer’s essential for Ryan and Gillian.

We met up with lunch with E just the other day. E ordered burgers and fries from Goodman Restaurant. Boy, the cheeseburgers were so so so good. Fries were also fantastic but the cheeseburgers were of another level. We had our lunch at the Thames Barrier Park and little ones definitely enjoyed the time with their Daddy. Thames Barrier Park is like a 10 minutes drive away from Canary Wharf where E works. We did not explore much due to the time limitations but the stuff at the playground was quite age appropriate for Ryan and Gillian. They had a good half hour before we had to zip Daddy off to work again! We would so love to visit the park again soon! At least once more before summer ends!















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