The 5th Anniversary!

19 June 2015


Here’s me and my love at Sticks’n’Sushi, Greenwich for our 5th year anniversary dinner. 5 years of marriage is not a long time but feels that we have done so many things together, almost having to make major decisions every year. I suppose to a certain extent, both of us took a leap of faith. Within 11 months of knowing me, the very brave E decided to propose to me and the infatuated me agreed enthusiastically. Looking back, I do feel that we were quite impulsive but thankfully, with God’s grace, things have worked out.

I suppose once can never know a person enough before marriage. Dating and marriage are very different stages. When we were dating, all we needed to care about was just the feeling of being in love, to constantly find ways to make your partner feel happy and surprised. During that period, E and I were just like any other typical couples in Singapore- we like to cafe-hop, we like to discover good hawker delights in Singapore, we dance, we enjoyed the night life and went for movies. There were very little concerns except for the fact that we were growing side ways.

The dynamics of a relationship changed when we got married and had kids very quickly. The focus of each other had to be shared between our lovely new additions as well as running of a household. Once upon a time, presents from Tiffany and Chanel would be very welcomed, they were almost like an indication of love. Now, what brings a smile to my face would be knowing that E goes off to work for our family, coming back to help me with the chores and spending time with Ryan and Gillian. The old me would totally have scoffed at how much I have changed over the years. I suppose my language of love have changed.

As a couple, we have experienced the most number of changes in these two years of our lives in London. One of the best thing that happened to us is perhaps starting to attend church and experiencing how Christ has worked in our lives and that of our children’s. Okay, to qualify myself, we are still pretty much the same. None of us has learnt how to speak in tongues or  even read the Bible daily. But, I suppose at least we are learning to lead more God-centric lives by remembering God in our everyday lives. We discuss about the messages being shared during Sunday sermons and also what we learnt during bible studies with our pastors. Somehow, having Christ in our lives brought some sort of peace in our relationship. While we still have our arguments and rolling of eyes, nothing seems to be that serious that cannot be resolved with God in mind.

God has been very faithful to our prayers and I think E definitely interested in opening up to Christ in his life as well. (Erhm… he used to be a rather strong atheist.) So, it is amazing how much things has changed. From my end, I will just have to continue to pray for a mentality to have God in the center of our relationship and family and that I will be a more supportive wife to E in our lives.

And so, dearest Mister E,
thank you for these 5 years of giving and love.
Lets welcome our 5th year year with our little new addition soon!
ilu, always and forever.


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