Toilet Training Gillian

July 2015


I always thought all my siblings were very different from one another, including myself. Each of us have our own personalities, temperaments and interests. However, as a parent now, I find it interesting how often I have to remind myself that Ryan and Gillian are two distinct people. I cannot keep thinking that they should be relatively similar, given the same set of parents and upbringing. For example, Ryan was much faster at mastering his ABCs and 123s and Gillian has yet to do the same. This little girl, on the other hand is very good at remembering lyrics to songs and enjoys singing music much more than Ryan.

Toilet training is another situation where I have made to realise that I cannot keep comparing and expecting both children to be the same. If you were to read through my toilet training struggles(Part 1, Part 2) with Ryan, one would expect that I have very low expectations from Gillian in the aspect of toilet training. However, 2 year, 3 month old Gillian appears to be slightly more mature than Ryan in that area. A few months ago, I took out the toilet training book and read it to her. She likes it very much and often got me to read to her that book repeatedly.


Of course, I did not think so much about it. After all, it was just reading and telling her how she was going to be a big girl soon and needs to stop wearing diapers. On a trip to Primark with just Gillian, I decided to buy her some pink undies. I showed her how pretty they looked and if she wanted to wear them, she needed to be a big girl. In that particular week, she initiated wearing the pretty pink undies and of course, she wet and soiled them. Not so pretty after all. I don’t think I was particularly disappointed as there was very low expectations in the first place.

Two weeks ago, when London experienced one of the hottest days in summer, Gillian asked to wear her pink undies again. Well, I allowed it and there were a couple of accidents. E and I were not very keen to put her in undies(because we were lazy and did not want to clear the mess) and kept asking her if she wanted the diapers. However, this girl apparently knows what she wants and likes. She wanted to be in her undies. Last week, I realised that her peeing/pooping accidents in her undies actually dropped quite abit- to about once a day? Yesterday morning, when we left the house, she did not want to wear her nappies out and insisted on wearing her the more comfortable cotton choice. Thankfully, she managed to inform me whenever she needed a wee or poop and we avoided any accidents outside. I would think that is a feat for her and myself! Heehee.

This morning, Miss Gillian has an wet undies accident again. But still, this little girl went to creche in her undies. So far, Gillian has surprised me in many ways, like her smart replies to situations and her love for songs in Matilda musicals. But, I have to say the self-initiated toilet training is one of the top on my list now. Not bad, Gillian. (BTW, for your information,she is still unable to identify her ABCs very well!) Will update with Part Two if she manages to keep dry both at home at outside 100% of the time!


(Here’s a picture of Baby Gillian and her Daddy on one of our Wednesday lunch dates!)



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