Ryan’s 华话

June 2015

(FYI, Stickers were put over pictures of Ryan’s classmates as I do not know their parents and do not have their permission to put their pictures online.)

We attended Ryan’s Chinese school graduation ceremony on the last week of June. E and I went there thinking that it was going to be one boring Saturday, waiting for Ryan’s certificate to be given out. Surprisingly, Ryan apparently had a performance- performing 两只老虎 , a song he sort of rehearsed for the entire year… The reason I said this is because whenever we asked me what did he learnt during Chinese school, he would just tell us he sang 两只老虎. Okayyy…so now, I realised that maybe they were practising this particular song for the entire year.


As you can see, Ryan is the lead singer. Heehee. We were quite impressed that he did not have any stage fright. In fact, he was belting out the song real loudly!



Anyways, he did get his certificate from attending one year of Mandarin classes. However, this boy was a wee bit disappointed that he did not ‘win the prize’. There was a present given to the best student in class. So, Ryan was not too happy about missing out on the prize. We did explain to him later on why his friend won the award instead of him. He admitted not doing his work in class and not being too attentive as well. Let’s hope he will realise his learning attitude needs some changes for the coming year. BTW, did I mention that he got promoted to Year One for Mandarin as well?

I think for the coming Summer Holidays, I intend to spend more time developing his interest in Mandarin. In fact, I have started including some Chinese phrases in our daily lives. In fact, the plan is to invite one of Ryan’s nursery friends over weekly and I will conduct a 45 minute class for them(Ryan, Gillian and friend). Let’s hope this works through!



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