Third Trimester Thoughts

July 2015

I am 12 kg heavier than what I was before pregnancy. Possibly the heaviest I have been for three of my pregnancies. For at least the past few days, my energy level is at a constant low. This is not looking too well considering how summer holidays have just only started and I have kind of promised the children that it is going to be fun. As of now, Day 5 of summer holidays, we have barely done anything.

On Monday, I had a mid-wife appointment. E and I left Ryan and Gillian in creche as we expected the check-up to be relatively long. I had my blood test taken as well as the whooping cough vaccine. Everything took about 2 over hours. Thankfully, the kids were not with us as they would not be able to take the long wait. The last time we went to the hospital with them for my second antenatal scan, the little ones were so restless. Well, that session took almost a painful 3ish hours. We totally felt for them. *sigh* To compensate them, we did head to Regent Park to have an hour of play before we went home.



So, after the appointment, E and I went for sort of a mini date in town since the hospital is in the vicinity. We had lunch at Bao London which serves mainly taiwanese delights on super small scale, yet pricey portions. At least, they tasted yummy and were pretty authentic. The crispy fried chicken with hot sauce was amazing in particular. The items that I would totally give a miss would be the drinks. For the exact same price, you could get a good sized and yummy bubble tea from Chatime or Sharetime.

The thing is, after this whole relatively leisurely meal and a short walk, we got a call from the creche. Ryan, apparently had a temperature and it was quite high. In the end, we had to cut short our date to pick the poor boy and his sister up. For the next two days, it was mental torture for me as Ryan’s fever did not go off and we had to cancel our plans for the week. From experience, I know that seeing the GP would not be very useful either. They would usually send us home, with no medication, diagnosing the illness as viral fever. So, all we could do was to just constantly monitor Ryan’s fever, feed him with paracetamol or ibuprofen, get him to take lots of water and take lots of rest.


After 3 entire days of fever, Ryan finally got better this morning but Gillian was down. *sigh sigh* As of now, both kids look relatively lively but I am still trying to observe to make sure the bug is really gone. It is really sad that for the past 3 days of cooping ourselves at home, the weather was really bright and sunny. I keep thinking that we could be doing this and that but of course, health is the most important. Fortunately for us, the kids had plenty of toys and books and most importantly, our television programmes to keep them occupied. Ideally, I would have wanted to do more productive home activities with Ryan and Gillian as well. But the night monitoring of the fever took it toll on me. I feel zombie-fied all the time. I am really praying that the kids stay healthy as much as possible.



At this point in time, we are at the third trimester. Baby M(we sort of have a name and will reveal when she pops!) is definitely one active baby. Even more so at night when I am trying to sleep. Heehee. Well, I am not complaining. Always good to be moving, right? The two older siblings are excited to welcome their baby sibling and both of them are so diligent in putting my Sebamed anti-stretch mark cream(I will do up a proper blog post for that later!) for me. I do enjoy our evenings together when Ryan and Gillian massage my tummy and start talking to Baby M about their future play plans. (Baby M, you are so loved by all of us!) It is really adorable and yes, because of that short 15-20 minutes, the whole day’s hard work is worth it. I am totally working for intangible benefits.


It will be a wee bit more(like about 2.5 months) before Baby M pops. Even though she is my third one, I am feeling just as nervous as the first time.

I am:

1. not looking forward to the labour pains.  I totally have very low pain threshold and am worried about the pushing. And when I can have my epidural. As it is my first delivery in London, I am really quite clueless on what would be happening. (-_-)”’
3. anxious and fearful of confinement month and breastfeeding!
4. apprehensive about managing three children, all under the age of 5 come January 2016.

Actually, there will be many changes happening in the later part of 2015, which I will update over time. Instead of constantly fretting, I just need to put all my worries into God and pray that everything will turn out according to His Will.

Do keep us in your prayers as well!



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