Regent’s Park

May 2015

E and I decided to bring Ryan and Gillian to my second trimester detailed scan and it turned out to be real hard work. The scan which was supposed to take on 45 minutes, stretched to 3 hours as the sonographers could not get the images that they needed for their calculations. We even had to take a short break at Mac Donald’s, hoping that baby pumpkin would change to a better position.

Whilst the wait was long, Ryan and Gillian did learn new stuff about their youngest sibling and also the use of an ultrascan. Towards the end of the scan, we found out the gender of our number 3. Ryan was looking forward to having a little brother but I supposed he did come about to liking the idea of having another sister as well. As for Gillian, she feels real excited about having another girl to play with. Still, despite the long and painful wait, the trip with the kids for the ultrascan was pretty educational since they have been pretending to be sonographers these days, putting their toy stethoscope and using a pillow as a fake screen to look at Baby M.


The day started off with us having lunch at The Boathouse Cafe. Food was mediocre. I thought the kids’ macaroni and cheese was quite nasty. No kidding. It would definitely be our first and last time there. We would bring our picnic food there the next time. Initially, we planned to have a boating excursion before the scan but we were running late for our appointment(and one should never be late for any sort of medical/dental appointment in the UK. They will usually reschedule you for another time).


As you can see from the picture, Gillian had some eye infection which made her beautiful eyes swollen for a couple of weeks. 😦 After about two rounds of eye drops with antibiotics, she is finally better.


The little ones enjoying themselves at one of the playgrounds at the park. There is something about sandplay and my kids, just like flame and fireflies.




The kids loving the sand play!



The boys having some good time together in the park, roughing about. Sometimes it can be quite lonely being a SAHM in a foreign land. While there are playdates and playgroups to head for, it is inevitable to miss the comforts of having the extended family around, and this is awfully true for me since my family and I are very close-knitted. This is why days with E around to help me with the kids are very treasured and precious. There is always an extra adult whom I can talk to about Ryan and Gillian, to share my minute worries and joys.





Read about one of our first few visits to Regent’s Park with my Papa Leon, my brother when they came over for a visit!



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