Ryan’s Graduation from Nursery!

July 2015

It was the last week of school. We went off to school, forgetting that there was Ryan’s Graduation Ceremony in the afternoon. As it was a Wednesday, it was also Ryan’s long day, meaning that he had his lunch in school. On Wednesdays, Gillian and I usually head off for my bible study in the morning followed by lunch with E. That day, after a fairly leisurely lunch with E as well as a coffee at Starbucks, Gillian and I went to pick Ryan up only to realise that there are a graduation party. By the time we saw him, Ryan was tucking into the table of snacks, cakes and sweetened drinks. We have missed his graduation ceremony where the teachers gave out certificates and presents for the children. (Oh dear me…Terrible mom. I feel really bad about this.)

Anyways, Ryan received the the Honorary Award in Exploration, which I thought was quite a suitable award for him. He really likes exploring his surroundings and discovering things. He is a mix between a scientist and an engineer. I think.  Heehee.


Here’s a picture of Gillian and Ryan. Gillian just woke up from her afternoon nap which explains her slightly dazed look.




Here are pictures of Ryan’s good classmates- Martha and Janiah.




Here’s one of Ryan and his main class teacher.


Ryan has attended the nursery for slightly more than a year and it is amazing to see how much he has grown, socially and emotionally in these months. While his school does not focus much on academics(it is just a different culture from what Singapore has), the non-academics aspects like physical play, communication and social interaction are simply brilliant.

As a mother, I started off feeling hesitant and nervous about the school’s style of learning. However, over time, I noticed the benefits it has on not just Ryan, but myself as a parent. I used to be someone who is overly anxious when Ryan has fall or small bump. I get upset when Ryan’s not happy at school, fretting over very small matters. I suppose, in this year, I learnt to let go a small bit as well. Sometimes, I suppose kids learn more in a less cocooned environment and I just cannot try to control the various factors too much. That being said, I still have my concerns of Ryan’s starting his big school in September but I just got to learn to trust God and pray continually about my worries.

In the last term, after our move, our walk to school went from a 15 minute journey to one that was 40 minutes per way. It was really hard especially being heavily pregnant. Even though I did try to drive, the morning traffic jams meant that sometimes we ended up much later in school than if we have walked. (-_-)”’ While I know that Ryan misses his school, teachers and friends, there is a part of me that feels relieved that school run to nursery is finally over.

So, goodbye to Ryan’s nursery days. Gillian will be starting hers next year! How exciting! (In another nursery that is nearer to home, of course.)


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