Gillian’s Toilet Training- Part 2

July 2015


At 2 year 3 months, Gillian’s toilet training(here’s part one!) in the day is completed! Yay! For the past two weeks, she was able to stay dry at home and even when we were out. She understands what it means to ‘hold it there’ and to only pee/poop in the toilet. However, she still uses the diapers at night, just like Ryan who is 4 now. (-_-)”’ We are hoping that Ryan would do without his night diapers before he turns 5.

As Gillian grows, I cannot help but notice that she has developed quite an interesting personality at 2. Just one year ago, E and I were commenting on how she is such a demure and easy-going baby. These days, she is a far cry on the baby whom she was. She is like firecracker- small yet feisty, and would rarely back down from a fight with her brother.  Still, it appears that she is still a caring child. From our day to day interactions, it seems that she is able to care for others and say the right things.

Example 1; When I am feeling down and tired, I would randomly say to her,’ Nobody loves Mom.’ To which she would reply, ‘Mum…everybody loves you.’ 

Example 2; When Ryan gets a lecture from not picking up his toy and he ends up crying, she would be the first to go and comfort him,’ Don’t cry, Gege.’ while wiping the tears from his cheeks.

Gillian can be such a dear. Sometimes, I wonder if I would be able to observe all these small details of my children’s growth if I did not have this opportunity to be a SAHM…It is the small moments or conversations like these that are etched in my mind. Recalling them just brings a smile to my face and heart. Anyway, I feel very thankful towards God’s blessings for my every single day.



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