IOD Big Weekend

August 2015

Some of you have noticed that I am trying to be more consistent in my blogging. One of the main reasons for that happening would be that I have so many backdated posts and sometimes when I do get the time to sit down to blog, I have already forgotten what I wanted to write about it. It must be the Mumnesia that I am experiencing.

In some way, blogging is quite therapeutic to me. I am one of those kids/teenagers who used to keep a diary in the past. It is a way for me to consolidate my thoughts and perhaps reflect on the happenings and situations. The last time when I read my teenage diaries, I was really shocked(appalled should be a better word) at how ridiculous my thoughts and feelings were at those moments. I possibly scanned through and it did not take me too long to decide that the belong to the bin and should never see light ever. It was one of the best decisions that I have made. Heehee.

I had a couple of blogs before trulyinlove. My first blog was deleted because I ended my first romantic relationship. I am someone who don’t believe in keeping memorabilia of anything of the past, so it did not take me too long to press the delete button. There was dreamdancewrite, a blog I started when I met E and it was eventually closed before I think I forgot the password. There was also truelymadlydeeply, a blog which shares mainly on our wedding preparation and renovation progress for our first house. I did not continue blogging there because the free space was maxed out and I wanted a new address that does not spell truly with an ‘e’.  And so, trulyinlove has been relatively faithful in keeping my online journals(documenting the small little stuff about married life, parenthood, pregnancies and so on) and in fact, E has bought me more space to store photos. According to him, he enjoys reading how I write about the small details of our lives. Sometimes, when things aren’t going the way we want, it is nice to look back and give thanks for what we have. So, there is little reason for me to not blog for my biggest fan, Mister E.


The Isle of Dogs Big Weekend took place on the third Saturday of July and thankfully, weather was nice and sunny. It is an community outreach project by 6 of the churches on the island. There were plenty of activities to do- bouncy castle, giant inflatable slide, face-painting, games for the kids. Everyone were well fed by the free burgers and hot dogs. The event had a good turn out and it looks like everyone was having good fun!

Ryan enjoyed going on the huge slide. I did not think that he dared to do that but I suppose I got to admit that my Baby Ryan is no longer a baby. He is much more adventurous than what he used to be. On the other hand, Gillian was not so keen the bouncy castle. Unlike before, she is more cautious in her play and more risk-averse.


Here’s Ryan, trying to encourage Gillian to relax abit more on the bouncy castle.



The Dad Dad with his little ones on scooters!


Gillian looked very much like Totto-chan in her outfit that day. Heehee. So so so adorable.



Me,with the kiddos. I totally look like a pink walrus in this picture. I really have been snacking too much this pregnancy. 😦


The cheeky ones getting their sculpted balloons!




It was a beautiful afternoon and we left when it got slightly scorching. E took the kids to pool while I caught up with some deserved ‘me-time‘, surfing the net and replying emails.



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