Sebamed- Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

July 2015

This is my third pregnancy and with the two older ones around, it is much harder to spend time to take care of myself. I recall for my pregnancy with Ryan, I would have taken health-benefiting tonics and bird’s nest on a weekly basis. E massaged my tummy and thighs with the anti-stretch mark cream religiously every night. We did many things such as going for breastfeeding classes and read up books such as What to Expect When You Are Expecting and The Happiest Baby on the Block. Ryan even had nightly lessons with BabyPlus(which I sold off before coming to London), which is some device with audio lessons for fetal developments!

With the two older ones, such activities like those I have listed above are truly luxuries. Currently, I am in my early weeks of my third trimester and my tummy(and butt) has suddenly ballooned significantly and suddenly, the skin of my tummy turned uncomfortably tight and perhaps, I did noticed some of my old stretchmarks while lying down. It then dawned upon me(the very absent-minded me) that perhaps I should be putting on the anti-stretch mark cream and applying it diligently if I wanted to avoid having stretch marks after birth.

What are stretch marks?
They are streaks or stripes on the skin, especially on the abdomen, caused by distension of the skin from obesity or during pregnancy(Click here to look at Google images of stretchmarks). I have some stretch marks near my thigh and butt areas but they were there not because of my pregnancies but more of my weight loss which happened during college. So, the story is that I was one of those kids who were overweight from primary school years all the way to maybe the start of junior college. I started losing weight when jogging became a daily exercise for me to relieve the stress from the books. So, from someone who is 1.58m, I went from 68kg to 50kg. I suppose, that caused quite abit of stretchmarks. So, if you are wondering, this anti-stretch mark cream is not just for pregnant ladies but also for any who is in the process of losing weight and they want to avoid those nasty stretchmarks on their body.


So here’s Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream to my tightening skin’s rescue!


What is so special about Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream?
Apparently, due to the unique Triple Soft Formula, skin’s elasticity is given optimal support. In the cream, natural avocado oil and sheabutter are combined with other lipids to provide effective skin care and protection of the upper skin layers. This combination of active ingredients helps reinforces the connective tissue’s capacity to adapt to the changing body volume preventing structural damage. Its pH value of 5.5 stabilises the health of the skin’s natural hydro-lipid barrier, the acid mantle. In simple terms, this unique Triple Soft Formula is able to:

  1. help to prevent prevent stretch marks
  2. help to reduce existing stretch marks (double yay from me!)
  3. help to restore the connective tissue.



What is my review of the product after 2ish weeks of application?
When Sebamed sent me some products to try out two week ago, the first product that I used immediately that very night was Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream. Of course, the application of the cream was done my two experienced mini masseurs, Ryan and Gillian. After a whole day of labour intensive work as a SAHM, this 10 minutes of them(under the supervision of Mister E) taking care of me is just awesome! I would think most SAHMs live for such tender, heart tugging moments like these.


Over the period of a week, I realised that the skin on my tummy feels less uncomfortable and painful. In fact, the skin feels refreshed after each application. The cream don’t just feels helps to soothe the skin, it smells fabulous and does not stain clothing. Retailing at £12.30(and I suspect it will last at least 3 months for me per tube for me), it is an affordable purchase.


Disclaimer: The Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream is given to me for review purposes. I will be reviewing Sebamed products for baby as well! Look out for it in November!



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