July 2015

It was one of those weekends when it was forecast to be rainy in London. I was feeling extremely lazy and would want a lie in bed if it that was even possible. On the other hand, E and the kids had other plans. They wanted to be out. In the end, I decided to go along so as to avoid being a spoil sport. I rationalised that once Baby M is out, I would have much lesser time with E, Ryan and Gillian. So, I just got to up my game and be more enthusiastic about weekends.

We decided to bring the kids to BeachEast, which is UK’s largest urban beach at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. The entry is free and it features a vast area of fine, deep sand, a huge kids paddling pool, funfair rides, two beach bars and a host of sporting events and activities. Sounds like perfect summer fun activity for families. The first stop for us was at KFC at Westfield Shopping Centre. Erhmm… if you are intending to lunch at BeachEast, I would advise you to pack a picnic or grab something from Westfield Shopping Centres. In my opinion, the food at BeachEast is pretty standard funfair food. So, for the same price, you definitely can get something better from Westfield Shopping Centre. Also, parking at Westfield Shopping Centre is £9 for the entire day on weekend and £6 for entire day on weekdays. Pretty decent by London’s standards.


For this pregnancy, I am so into KFC that I signed up for the Colonel’s Club which means they have those occasional good deals. Lately, we got a bucket of 9 chicken parts for £9.90. That is a great deal, I must say. So, grab your Colonel’s Club membership if you are into these sinful delights.


Here’s us at BeachEast. It was slightly windy and cold but everyone looked like they were having a good time. Heehee. We left our sand toys in the car to the children’s disappointment. That was a bummer actually. But E tried to tell convince them that it was possible to make sandcastles with their hands.


Okay…you can see how fatigued I looked. 😦




We tried looking for some vendors who might be selling those sand toys but there were not any! So… anyways, we made up to the kids by bringing them to some sand park last week. They did get their fill of sandplay then.


E and the children had some fun kicking the ball around.


The little ones were very interested in those rides at the fair but they were too young for them. Boohoo! Next summer! Pink promise!


The beach was peppered with deckchairs for people to sit on. So if you are lucky, you would find a few seats for you and your family. If not, just bring your blanket. That would suffice.


Ryan and Gillian also had dip in the paddling pool but they got out real quickly as the weather was a tad too chilly for their liking. After changing them into dry clothes and getting some snacks, Ryan and Gillian found new ways to entertain themselves! Look at their cheeky faces! It is the look of ‘This is so fun because I know Mummy doesn’t like it. But let’s hope we get away with it!’ Hmm… I see this particular look on their faces wayyy too often.



We returned to Westfield Shopping Centre for some shopping to lull time away. Did managed to grab random stuff from Primark and as usual, the Lego Store was the favourite with the kids and Mister E.



And someone did managed to convince E and brought home a set of Lego. That weekend, Ryan was one happy boy, fiddling around with his new toy!

I thought BeachEast was a real nice place for a family outing and hopefully, we would be able to make a second trip(better prepared and not forgetting anything at all!) before the weather turns colder. *fingers crossed!*



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