(Richmond Park)(New Malden)

April 2015

April came too soon and it was time for Mummy and Kimberly to return to Singapore. The trip to Heathrow was horrid, as usual, because of the morning work traffic. Thankfully, we managed to get to the airport on time. Parting is always hard, especially when my Mummy has always been a strong emotional support for me. Despite me being the younger adult, I need her much more than she needs me.   😦

I ended up crying buckets of tears after they entered the departure gates. E and my children had to comfort me for ages. It was hard to know that I would be without my parents in London for the birth of my third child. I supposed God heard my prayers and my parents will be visiting us again in August September! Yay! In fact, my mom would be able to stay with us for at least 3 months, so she will be able to be around when Baby M pops! That is really awesome news for me and the children! They simply love her cooking!



Kingston Gate Playground at Richmond Park

E decided that we should all head to Richmond Park for some fresh air to cheer me and the children up. Ryan and Gillian were so excited to see the deer grazing around freely.


Ryan and Gillian enjoyed playing with the timber structures in the playground. The two of them love exploring new playgrounds and play areas. When I do recall my childhood, my best memories are usually found at the playgrounds as well. For me, it would be Pasir Ris Big Playground(the one with the red spider web) as well as the two playgrounds at the back of my Ah Ma’s shop. Man… those were the days were so carefree and imaginative. As an adult now, I am obviously less enthusiastic about these playgrounds. The reasons why I do visit them so frequently is because I know these are the place where I see the kids’ wide smiles while they are on a simple swing or when they are going down a slide.








Making marks on the ground.





After the play, we went to Sula at New Malden for our lunch. Everything was really tasty! The children liked the fresh sashimi in particular. They gobbled the sashimi up within minutes! To be honest, Sula is the only Korean restaurant we have been to in New Malden but it has given us no reason to look for something else. It is as authentic as authentic gets.











After lunch, we just dropped into some random hair salon for my haircut. I suppose that is what you call a breakup haircut for me. Usually, after the parting of a relationship(romantic or not), I always have to visit a hair salon for a drastic haircut. I suppose it is a way for my subconscious self to relieve some form of stress. Thankfully, the Korean hairstylist did a pretty good job because over time, I did gradually liked my new bob! In fact, I am thinking of going to that particular hair salon for a trim when we visit New Malden again.



Here’s a picture of my new hairstyle! The shortest that I have spotted since maybe 20? E also thought it was a good change. Hmm.. he rarely complains anything about my appearance actually. In that aspect, I cannot complain much about him. Everyday, he tells me that I am beautiful. (Which of course, I know cannot be true in reality but it is nice to have someone who’s a fan. Heehee)



Right now, I am counting down to the day when my parents arrives in September! Yay!



2 thoughts on “(Richmond Park)(New Malden)

  1. Yew Cheng Teng says:

    Been a silent reader of your blog. I’m from Singapore as well but staying in Switzerland. That’s a nice and refreshing haircut. Unlike here, the cost of cutting hair is exorbitant and not that nice.
    Anyway, do wish you a healthy pregnancy for your 3rd child. I had mine here in Switzerland 2years ago and just recently a girl. Definitely missing home but life goes on as there are so many things to learn and discover.
    Take care.

    • eugenemay says:

      Hello there! Nice to know another fellow Singaporean Mummy in Europe! OMG! You can totally empathize with me about missing our Singaporean food then! Hope you are enjoying your bonding with the new one! It is hard to be away without family support…sigh! Jia you for you and me!

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