a slight scare.

August 2014

It is finally nearing end of the week but it started off slightly worrying I have been experiencing occasional contractions as well as some other symptoms. I did not think much about it till I casually mentioned it to Yiling. She cautioned me to call the midwife to check and before I knew it, I ended up having to check into the hospital for a more thorough checkup. Right now, I am just crossing my fingers and hoping that everything will be fine.

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At Week 32 and 5 days, Baby M is much more active. She moves all the time, especially during the night. Just like my pregnancy with Ryan, I am experiencing intense heartburn at night. While these symptoms are uncomfortable, it is okay, my dear Baby M, as long as you are safe and healthy. My parents will be coming over in two weeks to help me out with the household chores and child minding. In my condition, I reckon that walking up and down the stairs at home several times a day is not too good.

At this point in time, I am considering the possibility of going through the water birth for Baby M’s delivery. The midwives have been advocating water birth for Baby M because it is very ‘peaceful’, ‘non-invasive’ and ‘it would be really smooth because it is my 3rd child!’. But, that would be without epidural which would be tricky since I have very low pain threshold. Ryan’s and Gillian’s birth story are pretty similar, so I thought maybe I should try(e.g. water birth) something different for Baby M! I know I should be reading more and watching videos should I decide to go down that route… but watching mothers’ birthing process makes me even more nervous. *sigh*

Ohwells, we shall see and I will update when the day arrives!


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