Ryan’s Big School: Buying of School Uniforms/Shoes

August 2015

My eldest, Ryan will be attending formal school in September. Yes, I know time flies right! Just 4 years ago, he was a young baby waiting anxiously for Mummy to finish work so that we were able to drive to pick Daddy up before heading home. Now, Ryan is a young boy, with very good negotiation skills when it comes to getting his Peter Rabbit shows; he is becoming more dexterous in his playground play and he has a fixation with cars, fire engines, trucks as well as work tools.

Just a few weeks ago, we went to purchase the the school necessities for him, ala the tops, the school trousers, track pants, the fleece jacket, the jumpers, the cardigans, black shoes, black trainers the book bag, PE kit, and a school bag. Compared to Singapore, Ryan needed more items because of the cold weather. Honestly, E and I were shocked when the bill came. After talking to fellow parents, E and I realised we only needed to get specific items from that shop while the rest could be bought in the supermarkets. Lesson learnt. Read the school leaflet properly and check online before just going ahead blindly.


We had Mac’s breakfast before we went to the uniform shop. Ryan also got his black Dr Martens school shoes at £32, which we thought was a steal. Heehee. The pending item was to get those name labels/stickers to put on the school items because apparently kids lose their things all the time. After checking with one of my NIE friends who is quite a lobang(deal) queen, Jessica recommended me to Stickers Garden. The response from the owner was really quick and I thought the variety of stickers were good and prices were quite reasonable. The items were sent to my mother’s address and they will be bringing over to London for the children!




Gillian loves shoes. Hmm… yes. Not exactly a good habit. Actually. she likes anything girly. She is the typical ‘I like pink and anything princess-y’. Unfortunately, we seldom indulge her in these purchases as often as she would like to. She still have to wear Ryan’s hand-me-downs at home but she will always pair it with her pink ballerina tutu skirt. Hahaha. Ohwells. Having three children on a single income means we have to be more conscious of purchases. Let’s hope the kids will understand.


After the finishing our uniform shopping, it was the Ryan and Gillian’s turn to have fun! Since it was a nice warm Saturday, we went off to a Weavers Field Park to exhaust the their energies.








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