April the Tenth

April 2015

We brought the April 10th babies(Mummy, Ryan and Gillian)and Kimberly for an Easter Egg Hunt at Leeds Castle on their birthday. It was not our first time to Leeds; in fact, we liked it so much, we bought the annual family pass for 2015! Thankfully, the weather was glorious that Sunday. It was sunny yet cool, the start of spring. Flowers were blooming everywhere at Leeds Castle. Just picturesque! Ryan and Gillian enjoyed their first Easter Hunt session at Mudchute Farm and were looking forward to the one held at Leeds Castle.

Just like any other egg hunts, the children needed to look around for eggs or clues to answer the question on the Easter Egg Hunt sheet they were given. At the end of it, those with the correct answers will be given their sinful treats! So, you can imagine they started the day with strong enthusiasm. They did get rewarded at the end of out trip and our dear Ryan gobbled up his chocolate egg within minutes. Gillian’s chocolate egg went into Kimberly’s tummy though…because the birthday girl fell asleep. Heehee.






The April 10th Babies! Baby M will not be an April 10th baby but she will be just as loved because I will share the same birthday month as her! Happy birthday to my three April Tenth loves! Three of you have brought so much joy and laughter to my life. God has blessed me so much with three of you.


Me and my growing family!


The Lee ladies!


At this point in time, my camera battery died. Boohoo! The rest of the photos were taken by my camera phone before it died as well. No photos of birthday dinner as well!


We had a picnic by the lake. The children definitely prefer having a picnic than to sit at some restaurant where we have to continually remind them of behaving well. (-_-)”’  Ryan and Gillian ran around at the playground with E. Mummy and I lazed under the sun. Kimberly tried the maze and got out in under 10 minutes. Before we knew it, it was getting late. We needed to rush to Smyth’s Toy Store to get the little ones their presents and grab a proper birthday dinner at Saikei.







We bought two bubble guns for the birthday stars at £10 each from some vendor at Leeds Castle. I thought it was quite expensive till we saw that Hamleys was selling something similar at £18 each and two for £30. The bubble guns were quite a good investment as we used it throughout Spring and parts of Summer till one of it spoilt. The kids loved their bubble guns and they were such fun toys to bring to bring to parks and playgrounds.





Ryan and Gillian were spoilt with presents from Mama, Gong Gong, Kimberly, Leon and Bob. E and I got a bicycle for Ryan and a toy keyboard for Gillian from Smyth’s. Both of the children were entranced with the toy keyboard that came along with a microphone. They were fighting over it to sing Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’. It was quite a hilarious sight, if you asked me.


Happy birthday to my April, the Tenth babies!
This blog post maybe a few months late but that does not mean you are lesser in any way.
May God bless all of you in ever way possible.
I love you babies so so so much!



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