34 weeks.

August 2015

18kg heavier. In fact, our weighing machine broke down this morning. (Okay, the truth is that it ran out of batteries.) But, to me, it is like a sign that even the weighing machine is giving up on me. Summer is almost over and I also feel bad for not doing much with the kids because of my low energy levels. Honestly, for the most of last week was tough because of the wet weather as well. It meant that we could not even go to the garden for some fresh air.

So how do we usually wild time away on those wet London days? When I do feel up for it, I would actually prepare proper activities for them to do, like painting, colouring or building something with the Duplo. I read to them as much as I can possibly before they start fighting over which titles I should be reading to them all over again. I try to squeeze in 10 minutes of Ryan’s work at least 3 times a week, as in getting him to do some writing or addition. Gillian is not very ready on explicit learning yet, she is really free spirited. I suppose, different kids, different styles. So, here’s my admission, for most part of last week, I allowed the kids to watch copious amount of television programmes on Cbeebies. I just needed a lie in bed. Just last night, Ryan tried to convince me that I should turn on another episode of his Peter Rabbit so that he can ‘give me a badge for being the most hardworking mom’. I do not know where did he get that idea from but… okayyy, this is an indication of the television getting too much attention from the children.




Thankfully, the morning of last Friday ain’t too bad. We managed to spend a good two hours in the garden. We got some art materials and they painted. We kicked the ball around. The kids got their digging toy out and went around exploring the garden, looking for worms and ants. We even managed to have our tea break at the garden. After all the fun, they got home for lunch and three of us slept through the afternoon. So, that’s not too bad for a 34 weeks pregnant mother with two toddlers.

On the bright side, my parents will be coming over to London this Saturday. This means more help and the kids will be better entertained. Sorry babies… Mummy will make it up to you guys after Baby M pops and after my confinement month! Mummy loves you! So much!


Ryan and Gillian amused themselves with rocks found from the garden, building the little castles.






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