Greys Beach Riverside Park

September 2015

The last time when we visited BeachEast, we went there ill-prepared. There was beautiful sand for the kids to play with but we forgot to bring along our beach toys. To make up for that trip, E planned a trip to Greys Beach Riverside Park. We went there thinking that it was going to be a beach but it turned out to be a huge playground. The saving grace of the entire trip was that the little ones did have their sand play! While I did prepare a small picnic lunch vfor the kids, it was not necessary as there is a small cafe in the park and everything sold is quite fairly priced by London standards.

Being so heavily pregnant at this stage, I totally look forward to the weekends when E could be around. I cannot express how bad I feel towards the kids as they have been spending too much time at home instead of being out enjoying the beautiful summer.




That Saturday was one of the rare days when Gillian’s face did not flare up and her eyes were not swollen. *sigh* Hopefully, her eczema and sensitive eyes condition get better with time.





These two children are becoming very close over the summer. Both of them are able to play and communicate with each other fairly well. It is really cute to see their interaction on a daily basis. Ryan would make up some game and Gillian would learn to take instructions from him to be able to join in. There are times when they get along real well but they also have moments of frustration. Heehee.


We spent a good 2ish hours at the park and thankfully, it was not crowded and the kids looked like they had a good time digging around. It took us some time to persuade them that it was time to leave as the rays from the sun was getting real strong. We then headed off to Ikea to have some mid afternoon snack. The kids got more play time at the Ikea kid’s club while E and I shopped around comparing furniture prices.

Saturday like these are really nice for the family. I can see on the children’s expressions that they appreciated on every short excursion they get to go on weekends. Hopefully, they would be able to head out a tad but more before Baby M pops. *crossing fingers*



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