My first week with Nutribullet…

September 2015


I first heard about Nutribullet when I went to Melanie’s place three weeks ago. Melanie is my new Singaporean friend who actually lives minutes away from me. It is really nice to have a fellow Singaporean living nearby to just meet up and chat about random stuff about Singapore. Apparently with the Nutribullet, one can juice up our daily intake of vegetables and fruits into a relatively tasty smoothie. After that meeting, I was quite sold by the entire idea because I am not a fan of the greens and this dietary habit of mine has caused me considerable health problems over the years. I am often plagued with stomach problems, constipation and am generally weaker in health. I mean, that is quite obvious since vegetables and fruits are important sources of vitamins and whatnots.

When I got home, I did more research on the Nutribullet and so coincidentally, I found out that my cousin, March, who is a fitness instructor has been using Nutribullet for sometime and she highly recommends it as well. In the exact same week, we met up with a fellow Singaporean family and apparently, they have been juicing since two years ago and they have reaped the health benefits of this process as well. Yes. It is a sign! Hahaha. I knew I needed to get a Nutribullet so that somehow, somewhat, I can get myself to consume those leafy greens.

I started my Nutribullet journey when my parents came over one week ago and they brought over the new machine that March managed to get me at a relatively good price. So far, it has been one week and I have been having my veg/fruit smoothie once a day. The main gist of it is to fill half of the cup with vegetables(I usually use spinach) and the other with any type of fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, apples and so on. I also add 3 table spoons of Greek yoghurt, some honey and half teaspoon of chia seeds. Adding banana or avocado will make the mixture creamier so I like it that way. Sounds really adventurous but it is okay tasting. Better than eating it all by itself. Between a chocolate drink and a Nutribullet smoothie, I would still want to take the former. I mean, I am totally loyal to chocolate. However, the Nutribullet smoothie is okay and taking it once a day, it is a possible mission.

What I really like about this Nutribullet device is that it is very easy to use and clean. Trust me, being a mother of 2, going on 3, the last thing I need is to spend too much on preparation and cleaning. In fact, E and I share a 24oz Nutribullet smoothie every morning. Unfortunately, the children are not much into it though. Ryan prefer to have his freshly cut fruits and Gillian is still not into fruits/vegetables. 😦 This is another issue that we have to address soon. Let me know if you have any advice for Gillian.


After one week, I am happy with this Nutribullet experience as I feel that my body is going through some changes. Might be psychological though. But positive changes are good. I suppose I will update more in a few months to see if I am still keeping to my once-a-day Nutribullet smoothie.


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