Time for Big School!

September 2015


It was finally time for Ryan to start on his new school journey. We said farewell to his nursery two months ago and had a slow summer break. Prior to his first day, as parents, we semi-prepared him by bringing him to get his uniforms, showing him his school and sharing with him what are some possible activities he can expect when he attends school. The first day was especially nice that Gong Gong and MaMa were present to share this special day with him, other than just me, E and Gillian.


Now that my parents are here, the morning breakfast routine is much more leisurely for me. It used to be a mad rush, with me waking up much earlier than everyone to ensure that breakfast is on the time. With my mom(who is a great chef) and my Papa(who is fastidious about cleanliness), life cannot be more relaxing. And I totally need to go slower at 36 weeks +1 day. As of now, my mom is in charge of preparing Ryan’s snack and lunch box. The best thing about it is that he always finishes everything MaMa prepares! Ryan loves her cooking, just like me! I should post a picture of his 愛心 lunch. Probably do that tomorrow on the blog!

So far, Ryan has been sharing with me mostly positive things about this experience in big school. He likes his teacher(Ryan thinks his teacher is hilarious!) and the activities they do in school. He tells me about the things he does with his classmates and friends as well. He also expressed how much he missed me and Gillian throughout the day which is really sweet of him. In fact, Gillian and Ryan always have his tender-sweet moments when Ryan returns from school. They would greet each other with such excitement, followed by kisses all over each other faces and a huge bear hug at the end of it. It always melts my heart whenever I see them behave in such a loving manner.


There would be even more ‘firsts’ for E and myself as parents in the future. While I am always the concerned and nervous one, I have to be thankful for having E, as my ever-optimist to remind me that things are actually progressing normally. As Ryan starts on his new school journey, I pray that he will develop the love for learning, to be able to make good friends and to grow to be more God-centered.



Click here to read about Ryan’s first day in Nursery! He have changed so much in just one year!



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