The Pretty Company: Labour Dress// Packing for my Hospital Bag

August 2015



I have just received this gorgeous looking grey number from The Pretty Company. The Pretty Company is an awesome online retailer that sells products that pregnant mothers need when they head off to the hospital for their labour. So, mothers who are in their last trimester, feeling really heavy and exhausted, you can visit their website and easily get everything you need for labour, labour accessories, breastfeeding and baby going home outfits. If you like Gownies labour dresses, you will be happy to know they stock them as well!

This Baby Be Mine labour dress not just any other grey dress! It will be the dress that I will be wearing when I head to the hospital for Baby M’s birth. I am sure some of you might be wondering why do I need a labour dress. This is because I found out from my friends that the hospital gowns that are usually provided are those bottom flashing type as seen in the picture below. So, it can be slightly embarrassing, especially for ladies.

So… having to wear something that could protect my modesty better is what I was looking for. What makes this Baby Be Mine labour dress even more special would be that it looks really feminine without compromising on the practical requirements.


Baby Be Mine labour dress from The Pretty Company




The Baby Be Mine labour dress in super soft 100% Grey jersey cotton. It is a flowing and versatile alternative to the traditional hospital gown. As it is a one size, the dress can be adjusted to my size as the fabric gently gathers on this wrap gown to ensure the perfect fit. Come the day when Baby M is really to see the world, I will be wearing this labour dress and the best thing would be that it is designed with IV access, epidural access, breastfeeding and use of the birth ball in mind. This just means it allows easy monitoring when in I am in labour. As for post delivery, this labour dress is also the perfect nursing nightdress that again adjusts as the body changes. I definitely see myself wearing this even after birth.


If you need some ideas on what to pack for your hospital bag, you can have a look at my list below. The socks and jackets will be quite important for me as I subscribe to the Chinese method of post-natal confinement care. One of the key aspects of Chinese post-natal confinement care would be to ensure that mothers keep their bodies as warm as possible after childbirth.

Here’s what I have packed in my hospital bag:

For Mummy:
1. Labour Dress from The Pretty Company
2. Nursing PJs
3. Jacket
4. Bedroom slippers
5. Socks
6. Maternity disposable underwear
7. Disposable nursing pads
8. Toiletries (shower gel, shampoo, facial wash, moisturiser, toothbrush, toothpaste)
10. Bath towel
11. Mobile + Charger
12. Glasses
13. Warmer- Logan and Red dates tea
14. Going home clothes
15. Tissue box

For Baby M:
1. Clothes for the baby
2. Going home clothes (include a jacket)
3. Swaddles
4. Disposable diapers
5. Baby wipes

For Mister E(the Dad Dad):
1. Change of clothes
2. Camera + Charger
3. Laptop
4. Snacks

Administrative stuff
1. Maternity booklet
2. Identification documents

It is quite a long list so we will be using a trolley bag to lug everything to the hospital on the big day.


I would expect my birth story for Baby M to be majorly different from Ryan’s and Gillian’s. As most of you know, Ryan and Gillian are natural but induced births. Hence, for both of my birth experiences, I was mentally ready on the day of their delivery. However, in London, the style of delivery is highly recommended to be as natural as possible, without any sort of intervention(unless Baby M is 13 days past EDD). Apparently, I am only allowed to be admitted to hospital once I am confirmed to be 4cm dilated. Also, epidural can only be given by the mother is 4 cm dilated.  Hmm…the thought of waiting out naturally till then sounds really painful to me.

So the plan for now would be for me to rest as much as possible. When the day of Baby M arrives, we would most likely be getting a hired cab(Uber, Carrot Cars, Addison Lee) to get to the hospital. Driving and having to find a parking lot would be too troublesome and costly. If I am 4 cm dilated by then, it would be good because I can be admitted to the hospital. Otherwise, we would consider checking into a nearby hotel than to wait it out at home(lest it would be too late to reach the hospital).

Ohwells, plans are just plans for now. I will definitely be updating Baby M’s birth story when that day arrives! Please keep Baby M and the family in your good thoughts and prayers. We need it. Thank you! xxx


Disclaimer: The Baby be Mine labour dress is given to me for review purposes.



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