The Hop Shop- Apple Plucking

September 2015

The Hop Shop is based on Castle Farm in North Kent. The farm’s own beef, apples, apple juice, hops, dried flowers, Kentish lavender and honey are all sold through the unique and pretty looking farm shop. What The Hop Shop is famous for is their beautiful lavender fields which bloom in the months of May, June and July which we missed entirely. Ohwells, there is always next year and for now, we will just make do with apple plucking in autumn.





It was a lovely Sunday and the kids had a good time running around the farm. It was unfortunate that we did not take many photos as the family photographer(aka me) is really feeling the strain of being a pregnant mother in Week 37. Such farm trips are always fun and educational for the children, especially for Ryan since he is always asking about the whys and hows.



There are two types of apples grown on the farm- the Norfolk Royal Apples as well as the Cox Apples. I think it was unanimous among us  that the Norfolk Royal Apples was the preferred apple. They are sweet, juicy and full of flavour! The main bulk of our PYO was from the Norfolk Royal Apple trees.


Here’s our princess with her doting Mama and Gong Gong.



We spent about 2 hours at the farm, just idling around, plucking apples and enjoying the gorgeous weather. Ryan and Gillian exhausted a good amount of energy running up and down the rows of apple trees.







Lullingstone Country Park

After the apple plucking, we went off to the Lullingstone Country Park for a short toilet break as well as a 15 minutes playground time for the kids. Just fyi, there are no toilets at The Hop Shop. The nearest toilets are located at the country park which is like a 5-10 minutes drive away.




Lunch/Dinner at 5 Guys


The last stop for Sunday was a Bluewater Shopping Centre where E and I(and Baby M) got our 5 Guys cravings satisfied. The day ended really soon since it was a Sunday and malls usually close at 5.30pm. We will definitely be putting The Hop Shop in our calendar next year for touring lavender fields!


Click here to read about our strawberries picking trips at Hewitts Farm. (Post 1, Post 2)



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