Mustela Maternite

October 2015

Mustela is a brand that we are all familiar with for our babies. For me, I love the smell of Mustela on my babies. I got introduced to this brand for Gillian and ever since then, we were hooked. Other than using Musti, Eau De Soin for Ryan and Gillian, I have to confess I use it myself as well! The Mustela smell is just so awesome! (Please try it if you haven’t!)

I was invited to the Mustela Maternite event held at Holborn yesterday and yes, I was so excited about it. It is my first time attending a blogger event in London and thankfully, the experience has been nothing but positive. I met really great fellow Mummy bloggers and good people who are passionate about the Mustela brand.


For most people who knows Mustela, we immediately associate Mustela to baby products and how it is a reliable and safe brand. Mustela is a very trusted French brand symbolising the goodness that nature provides. However, Mustela does have another range catered specifically to new and expecting mothers known as Mustela Maternite. For the event that I went to, it was a sharing about this new range. There are 7 specialist products formulated for young mothers and mothers-to-be.

The thing is that in most cases, when ladies enter the stage of motherhood, it is so easy for us to forget about ourselves and just focus on our babies and families. In some way, Mustela Maternite is a range of products that will help to remind fellow mothers to take care of ourselves as well during our long journey of motherhood. Having babies does not mean we should forget about taking care of our skin and ourselves. Motherhood and feeling good as individuals are concepts that go hand in hand.



The Mustela Maternite line includes 7 different products for different purposes such as stretch marks prevention and correction, anti-itching, light legs and firming.

Stretch Marks Prevention Cream

Stretch Marks Prevention Oil

Stretch Marks Recovery Serum

Soothing Moisturising Balm

Light Legs Gel

Body Firming Gel

Bust Firming Serum

(You can click here to read more about the products on the Mustela website. I will also be doing a review of some of the products in a later post!)


Here’s me with lovely Veronique from Mustela, who is also a passionate fan of the brand. She shared with us how her mother also used Mustela on her when she was growing up! You can tell that it is a very trusted brand among mothers over generations. Veronique is the one who invited me to this enlightening sharing on Mustela Maternite. Thank you so much! x

Ooooo….on a side note, if you are wondering where did I get my really nice printed dress from. It is from Spring Mom! I received so many compliments on it. Even though it is from their Summer collection, you can just wear it with leggings and a long sleeved top, you are good to stretch this dress mileage into autumn. So, do check out their website and they do deliver to the UK as well!

This is vivacious Kristina who gave a very informative sharing of the Mustela Maternite range and I love her anecdotes of her pregnant sister-in-law.

Here’s a picture with me and fellow Mummy bloggers, Ekaterina and Emma who definitely looked the part of being yummy mummies. They are so friendly and are willing to share about their mummy experiences. Please check out their blogs about the event as well!

Here’s one of me and very gorgeous Shabz who coordinated the event. She is a very enthusiastic young lady and I love her energy!


Lunch time!

The bloggers were definitely spoiled when it came to lunch after the sharing. We had THE red velvet cake from Hummingbird, sandwiches from Marks and Spencer’s, macaroons and a few other sinful delights. Wooohoo! Having a group of lovely ladies over good food, great conversations over motherhood and our favourite brands is definitely one of the good ways to wild the English afternoon away.








These are the goodies that I went home with. I took the products that I knew that I will love to try out from the Mustela Maternite range and I love the pink polka dotted pouch. Hello Mummies, we are still young girls at heart!

Yes, if you are wondering, I am so doing a blog post on the Mustela Maternite products soon. But I need some time(like maybe a month of usage) so as to give a objective review, so please do look out for it! I am so excited to try out light legs and body firming in particular. E, who is my nightly leg masseur will give me his feedback as well! Heehee.

Okie dokes! I am out for now. By the way, I am currently 2 days to my 39th week. Please pray for a safe delivery of Baby M!


Click here to read about my experience with the Mustela brand.

Gillian’s bath regime with Mustela

Spring/Mustela’s event



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