Mid Autumn Festival Weekend

27 September 2015


This Mid Autumn is really special because it marks our move-in into our new place. So, you can imagine that we were very busy that day with the movers as well as transporting some of our personal items ourselves. At the end of the day, E treated us to a sumptuous dinner at Lotus and yes, I got my favourite dish- Lobster Yee Mien! After the move, we went for a Mid Autumn steamboat dinner hosted by Tawei and Yeeyin and the kids had their fill of fun playing with the children while the adults just chilled around.


The first few days at our new place…


This is one of the first welcome gifts we got. The tool kit came in the most useful of course. 😛


Here are the kids with E, trying to fix up one of the first things in our house. Clothes hangers for the back of our doors from Ikea. Most of our furniture items are from Ikea or Wayfair. I suppose it is a much more different process than what we had back home in Singapore. Furnishing a home with kids in mind is a much less sexy notion. More often than not, we have to bear the kids in mind. It does not help that E and I are not aesthetically inclined… Maybe I will do a update of the house once everything settles.

E had to DIY many of our furniture that we bought. Fortunately, he is proving to be handier than what I imagined. It is a pity that Papa had to return to Singapore before the big move, lest he could be very helpful for this building and fixing process.


The kids looking real excited. It is nice feeling to have the Ryan and Gillian being enthusiastic about the new place. Once we got our keys and showed them the place, the little ones were constantly asking to go to ‘our new home’. They definitely like our new place much better despite it being smaller than the previous apartments in London. I definitely do not miss the staircases at both of of the old places… Man… I really hate staircases. Not cool at all with young children around.


E and the kids giving thanks for the first dinner at our place. We bought some frozen pizza from Asda and tested it out with the oven. Heehee.


Come this December, it will mark our second year in London. I think so far, the journey has been really unexpected and exciting for everyone in the family. We will definitely be looking forward to getting our first proper Christmas tree and get the kids to spend time decorating it with Kimberly, the two grannies and their new little sibling!

Major love!



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